Friday, July 15, 2011

Sayhey Lovefilm presents: Not-so-live-blogging All About Steve

We here at SayHey watch it, so you don't have to. You should know the drill by now. Otherwise, do have at look at my previous Not-so-live-blogging events .

Todays feature is the delightful little nugget All About Steve. Now, I love Sandra Bullock and find Bradley Cooper to be devastatingly handsome, so let's see what the movie's like.


Well, I have my ideas as I heard the movie earned a razzie or two the same year Sandra Bullock won her Oscar for The Blind Side.

So bring out the popcorn and the Champagne, coke floats, soda or whatevs and let's get going shall we.

Radar Pictures? Never heard of them.

Ugh! Thomas Haden Church? I hate him. Hated him since that dreadful movie Sideways where they go on a wine tasting trip for a batchelor party or something and hook up with that Asian woman from Greys Anatomy. I really wanted to like that one, but I SO DIDN'T!

Sandra B walking happily through the streets in her red vinyl boots. Not sure I like her hair.

Sandra B is meeting with her boss. She makes crossword puzzles and she wants to get her stuff in the paper daily instead of weekly.

Evil boss is not having it. BOO! Her boss wants Sandra B to date more.

Sandra B has a blind date this evening. Exciting.

She's about to speak at carrer day at a school. Comedy may ensue. The firefighter next to her is cute.

I'm a sucker for a man in a uniform.

The kids are mean to Sandra B. BOO! I think she's going to reevaluate her life.

Sandra B does physical comedy well and they add that little noise that makes it sound ever the more painful.

She lives with her parents. She's cute.

She's going on a date with Bradley Cooper! How hot is he! Go change Sandra, change!

Sandra B just went to slut it up. Slutty Sandra B!

Wow! What a smile he has.

Oh, oh! Sandra B just jumped Bradley Cooper in a car but now she's very chatty. Shut up Sandra B and enjoy.

Awwww. He's ditching her. So sad.

The crossword puzzle Sandra B made was All About Steve - like the title. CLEVER! Or not...

So they are firing her over one puzzle. Bubye Sandra B. Sad.

The Asian guy from The Hangover is in it too.

New word: Snotsicles

Bradley C is so cute.

Sandra B just tried sliding down a banister in nothing but a towel. Comedy ensued and the repeating of "doesn't hurt, doesn't hurt.." Priceless!

Even Thomas Haden Church's voice is dull. It's like watching Tom Hanks at the Oscars.

Dead horse - alive!

Sandra B is just filled with useless information about EVERYTHING. She's yapping on and on, on a bus. So much so that they dumped her in the middle of nowhere. Bless her.

It's a little funny though.

Sandra B is stalking Bradley C, but she's too late at the place of the dead alive horse.

Comment of the moment: If God didn't want my daughter to have a third leg, he wouldn't have stuck one between the other two.

If that's not a little filthy, I don't know what is.

Bradley C, THC (Thomas Haden Church) and Asian dude from The Hangover are now in a new place reporting of the controversy of a girl with 3 legs. To keep the third leg, or not to. That is the question.

Oh, Sandra B just showed up! Brandley C just noticed her and her boots! Hah!

There's a demonstration with pro and anti leg protesters. We don't know if the leg is fuctional and has full mobility. We are at the edge of our seat.

Oh, there's the creepy geek from Road Trip! He's wearing a baby blue hat.

THC invited Sandra B up to the media tent to meet Bradley C. He's so mean.

Ew! THC just mentioned Bradley C's loins. I don't want that image.

YAY Bradley C just punched THC in da face! Love it.

BREAKING NEWS! Three's the charm! They decided to keep the leg for now.

Hah! This is physical comedy at a very high level.

Creepy nerdy dude from Road Trip is an apple sculpturer - weird.

Hah! Next up, bear in jacuzzi?



Car stalling!



Whooops! Kids just fell into an abandoned mine shaft. Hahaha.

The news team Bradley C, Asian dude from The Hangover and THC are on the way.

Quote: If you quit a puzzle, you can't finish it.

I like that.

Whooooooops! Sandra B just fell in the hole. HAH!

Awwww Bradley C loves Sandra B.. that was a romantic speech

I think one of the fire fighters was a demon on the series Charmed.

They aren't sure Sandra B will make it so creepy nerdy dude from Road Trip is making an apple sculpture for her when she gets out.

I just noticed that the word "word" in Danish (Ord) is the same in singular and plural unlike in English. Why haven't I thought of that before?

THC just jumped into the hole.

They made it out of the hole. Pheeew! Had me on the edge of my seat clutching my glass of Champagne with one hand and my heart with the other.

Bradley C is so hot.

The End.

The trailer is here

If you want to see Sandra B accept the Razzie award for her performance in this slightly ditzy but adorable and amusing movie, see this

Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday I'm in love

Gosh, it's already July. Honestly I can't remember what I did in June except work but I suppose I spent it mostly trying to get back into my usual groove and accepting that I've already beeen on holiday and chances were that I wouldn't be going anywhere until sometime next year.

Turns out, I got myself plane tickets to London from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1st. So let me know if you want to hang out. My birthday is on Sept. 29 so if you feel like having a glass of bubbly (Champagne, coke float or whatevs) please feel free to email me, facepoke or tweet me. My email is in my profile page I think.

So, Friday?

From there I got to the whole Glastonbury thing because people keep saying that the bint Bouyancy Beyonce was the first female to be a main name at Glastonbury. That's actually not true. Technically Kylie was except she was forced to pull out when she was diagnosed with the big C. Anyway, Kylie made her first appearance last year with the Scissor Sisters. Then you know, you click one like and then another and before you know it, you've spent an hour and find yourself here