Monday, April 27, 2020

My secret garden

We were told to stay home, stay safe. Social distancing is key to the ordeal the world and our great countries are going through at the moment. If we didn't do this things would look dire.

I remember the day I was told to leave my workplace to begin working from home. It was March 12. It was grey, stormy and as I'd packed all my workplace stuff together into bags and stepped out of the front door to catch the bus, the hail started. The hail and rain and wind was full on and I almost couldn't see the bus as I drove up to the stop. That's my memory of the day.

Then quickly the sun came out, the wind stopped and the temperatures soared. Spring was springing. There I was, inside working. Looking out onto the horrendous trailer/construction village/place the municipality has decided to place right opposite me. Large building machinery vehicles driving past. Building shaking. My records skipping. The blue portable loos are a real treat. Joy. I digress.

I've been working on looking at the positive things during all of this. So spring was springing. I think that's where I lost track. The Danes, uncouth, the unwashed have struggled understanding not only the simple instructions but also the ramifications of not practicing social distancing and staying home. So naturally those blessed with a garden have been spending their time home clearing out the old stuff and have been running to the nearest garden center to buy new flowers, trees and whatnots to add to their lovely garden so they could sit there with their feet up enjoying a glass of wine and posting the image on Instagram. Because if you don't post it on Instagram it didn't happen, don't you know.

The problem was capturing that perfect image of the beautifully manicured lawn with the spring flowers in the background with the sun reflecting in the wine glass in the duckface selfie without wrinkles because the face has been so heavily edited that it might as well be Barbie herself. Especially when there was a pile of old wood, branches and garden whatnot in the corner that's been in the garden for 8 months already. What's a local wannabe Instagram celebrity with 30 followers to do. Obviously they just drive out to the nearest reststop and dump it there because the recycling centres were closed. Yes, that's right. It became such a problem that the municipalities had to reopen the recycling centres.

I'm one of those who buy my flowers already dead. They die rather quickly in my care anyway so why get ones hopes up. This spring it's been all about the daffodils and white tulips.

The tulips started off much taller but someone was a little bit rough while tending my garden but there, that's my garden.

Being on ones own and happily single at some point one would like to have ones garden tended to. That's life. We all have our crosses to bear, I suppose.

The health authorities in Denmark have lifted the veil a little bit here saying that it's ok with a little bit of birds and the bees and tending of the garden. Just be safe.


  1. You're doing this White Tulips thing on purpose now, aren't you?! (Although, both they and the daffs are lovely)

    1. P.S. What's that little hemisphere on legs thingy on the left? Something from "Batteries Not Included"?

    2. It was a bit of an accident with the tulips. Lazy as I was I thought I could just snap the bottom bit off by hand. Look how well that turned out.

      Do you mean the Hoptimist underneath the hanging monkey? See more about my Bumble in smoked oak in the link below. It’s a lovely story. I bought mine many years ago because I remember it from home. We had one in red plastic that was treasured by all.

    3. Upon further research it appears my Bumble is really a Bimble.

    4. Oh, aren't they wonderful! (I'm just looking at the website now, and will probably get lost in it for the rest of the afternoon...)

    5. Aren’t? They make them in so many guises now and I’m a Hoptimist purist so I prefer Bimble and Bumble.

  2. Love the chair!

    p.s. Will this be your entry for the 2020 Garden Photos Event?

    1. The red one is a tiny replica of The Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen. The black one with the monkey sitting in it is The Egg also by Arne Jacobsen.

      If I don’t manage to find something better then this will likely be the entry.

    2. Danish design rules.

    3. You’re correct. Danish design does indeed rule.

  3. Lovely! Not the conditions outside your home, but you're safe and well, so that's a good thing! xoxo

    1. So far I’ve been blessed. We are opening up the country slowly and right now I have no idea where I’m supposed to work from as of this upcoming Tuesday.

  4. I am also a fan of white tulips!
    I hope you are still keeping safe and well.

    1. White tulips are lovely. I am a fan. My mother loves them in all colours but that's way too busy for my eye. I've never been a fan of the circus.

      We're opening the country, not our borders but restaurants etc. so like you we're supposed to stay alert now. Remember, if you see covid-19 walking down the street towards you, hide behind the nearest bush or tree.

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