Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bring it on

As the first month of 2011 is rapidly coming to a close, and the only thing worth mentioning (except of course chatting up Roses on facebook and receiving a present from her because we love her here on Sayhey!) was that last week I got a text from the good people at MasterCard telling me to call them.

I did of course do that immediately, and they told me that someone had used it the night before - twice - charging a total of 3505 quid on IT goods. Outragious! The good people at MasterCard told me not to worry about it, and that they had taken care of it, and I wouldn't be charged. They obviously cancelled the card and are sending me a new one.

In case you are reading this, you, yes you - the one who used my card details - F*cker they are coming for you! Oh, and burn in hell.

With that out of the way, we now look forward to a new month and so far February looks like it'll be the most eventful month of the year. Doesn't say much does it, with two events. There are of course other plans in the pipeline for later this year which I of course will let you in on sometime soon.

The first event is on February 19 where I will take part in the opening night of Kylie's new world tour Aphrodite Les Folies 2011 (which takes name and inspiration from Ziegfeld Follies). Of course I'll be right in the middle of things. Fronrow and centre in the Splash Zone.

kylie splash zone photo Pictures, Images and Photos

Apparently there'll be what the press release calls 4D visuals. I assume it'll be something like the Ralph Lauren fashion show

The water features in Kylie's show Aphrodite Les Folies 2011 are designed by the same people who do the Bellagio fountain water works in Las Vegas.

So, my pretties I do hope you'll get a chance to go. Miss K may be coming by a venue near you. For the unlucky US and Canadiennes out there - you'll be able to see a scaled down version of the show. Tour info can be found here. A tour not to be missed.

Australian dates to be announced.

The second event of February is the following where the Oscars - The Academy Awards take place live at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Again this year, it promises to be a show with glitz and glam. Of hits and misses and another year where Jim Carrey and Russell Crowe don't stand a chance in hell to win an Oscar. Good times!

A Danish movie is yet again nominated for an Oscar Hævnen - In a Better World in the category Best Foreign Language Film. It has already won a Golden Globe which of course Ricky Gervais mentioned (he was right) was the category that nobody cares about. I of course have no desire to watch the movie but everyone's raving about it.

I LOVE the Oscars. They've always meant something to me, and they still do. It used to be exclusively about the outfits and speeches but over the years I've become more and more interested in the movies we celebrate. It would be nice to have watched at least one of the movies before the show. Just to know what all the fuss was about. For instance the movie which was nominated for the most Oscars, The King's Speech. A whopping 12 nominations, and yet it's not coming to our cinemas until April.

To be honest I feel cheated. I watched a couple of the movies. Inception and Harry Potter 7 part 1. That's all, and yes Black Swan and The Social Network have been shown here and I'm now ruining my arguement. Still I find that every year, movies that haven't seen the light of day here due to distributors stalling, are honoured at the Oscars. They should be honoured because they are some of the best movies out there, yet it would be nice to be able to sit there on Oscar night thinking that out of the 10 (seems excessive doesn't it?) movies nominated for Best Picture you really thought X should have won instead of Y. For me, so far, I'll be thinking back to Inception and not being able to compare it to any of the other nominated movies.

On the subject of nominations for Best Picture, yet still going a little off on a rant when I should be wrapping this up. Well, 10 nominations for Best Picture? It seems a bit excessive. Is that a flexible category? If the movies stink next year, will there only be 3 nominations or will they have to nominate something like The Green Hornet 3D?


If you have 11 minutes to spare, here is a nice little Australian short film in which Kylie goes beserk. I know, speaking of Best Picture and all that..

Sunday, January 16, 2011


First post of 2011 and it's the 16th today. I can't believe it's been so long, but I've been fairly busy with Twitter, Facebook, work, my sofa and of course my parents move.

My parents started packing their home into boxes mid December and ever since then, I've been getting emails, texts and calls from my mother, all sounding something like this

"I've just found (insert item here - Tee-hee!) are you interested?"
"Are you interested in (insert item here - Tee-hee!)?"
"Do you remember (insert item here - Tee-hee!) from your childhood? - would you like it?"
"I know you are going to want (insert item here - Tee-hee!)"

Let's make it clear, my parents have some great stuff, but my mother also has a bizarre habit of holding onto things that she got from someone and thinks is ugly. So she tries with all her might to pawn it off on her sons.

My evil bro is getting it easy, because he has a house and has gotten all their gardening equipment (which he actually did want). Because of this, my mother wants to "make it up to me" by showering me with all her living room rejects. It's all well meaning of course, she genuinely thinks I want it all. I try brushing it off by saying evil bro should be asked too, because it's not fair for me to take it all.

Truth be told, I've already been given what I really wanted. That is, a china pattern set for 12, and glasses called Princess by Holmegaard. They, like the china, are discontinued now and I've always loved them. I've never actually seen them being used when I lived at home, yet they were apparently my mothers favourites. I think my father was too lazy to wash them up by hand.

Of course I've ended up with 4 massive boxes of books, kitchenware and other items that I'm not sure I'll ever use but my mother seemed happy. I also got their dining room table and a computer desk for my bedroom.

As for my parents? They moved in on Tuesday this week. Their swanky 94 m2, 3rd floor, designer appartment in the center of town with a view of the river/lake(s) being a little small for their select furniture and 65 moving boxes. I suppose they'll need to do more sorting before they can settle in completely. I had the pleasure of joining them after work on Tuesday to see the appartment, and help them with a bit of lifting. The movers had been there earlier that day, and so all they had to do was empty the boxes and put their furniture in their designated spots.

Obviously, they did not agree at first, but once I started coming up with helpful suggestions they seemed to join forces and focus their frustrations on me. I guess some people just don't appreciate suggestions from people who clearly have an eye for interior designs. That being the case, they are filling their appartment to the brink with furniture and their sofa is in the middle of their living room. I kid you not. You practically stumble into it walking in there. It's such a shame.

Another thing, about filling the appartment with furniture, they have a dining table in the kitchen. Their kitching is one of those open kitchens with a half wall between kitching and living room so you have the view of the river when you are cooking, with a passageway to go from the kitchen to the living room. On the other side of the half wall, they want ANOTHER dining table - for guests. To me, that's just wasteful when your appartment is THAT small. Anyway, I promised myself not to get worked up about it, because clearly they won't listen to me. I'm sure I can get you photographic evidence once they are settled in.

There is just one more item of my parents that would mean a lot to me. Yet they are not going to part with it until they leave this world. That is one of these

This is (not our) Hoptimist, but a photo of an original one from 1968 designed by Gustav Ehrenreich just like the one my parents have. It was given to my late brother in the late 1970s around the time I was born and he got sick. The Hoptimist is a symbol of hope and optimism, which I think is wonderful in these slightly depressing times. They have gotten a revival in the past 6 months and as you can see if you follow the link they come in many colours, shapes and sizes.

In a recent interview Kylie did here in Denmark, to promote her upcoming tour, she was given one. We love our Danish designs.

For Christmas, my evil bro gave me the small wooden Baby Bumble in smoked oak

However, I opted to take it back to the store in favour of the proper Bumble.

Which is bigger. I simply love it. You can tell by the antenna and the eyes, that it's the male. The female is the Bimble with wider eyes and no antenna. The Bimble is a little too much of a hoochie for my taste.

All I need now, is to name my Bumble. I thought of just naming it Bumble, but that's its sex, not its name.

What do you think I should name my bumble?