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Retro poptastica

I know you probably don't, but I do. I remember Sabrina too famous for last names Salerno. You see, I was skipping along to the joyous and careless beats of my not quite working trusty iPhone when all of a sudden an old italia dance classic popped on and there I was. Transported back to a time that for the most part wasn't very happy if it hadn't been to the cheerful 80s pop divas.

As we step back in time, I thought we'd just have a quick look at this particular superstar and her career. A word of warning, there'll be German dubbing as well, and you may not understand it all. You will however get a quick look at this multi talented girl.

If that wasn't enough, you can see a proper American segment here.

Sabrina Salerno is a STAR of Silvio Berlusconi's TV channels RaiUno and used to bless us with these magical videos.

Here's the hit record My Chico

or how about the runaway hit Like a Yo Yo

Or the fabulous and second hit single Hot Girl (PWL remix) from her first album

However, we all remember her European number one debut single Boys (Summertime Love)

That being a live version and proving why, oh why we here at SayHey still adore love Sabrina Salerno. Hot dancers, dodgy dancing, roaring night club crowd and bad English accents. What's not to love?

You'd think that was all she can do, but you would be oh so very wrong. She acts too. She starred in many films and you can see the list here. Included on the list is the movie Delirium aka. Le Foto di Gioia. I happened to watch it a few years ago, and it was very 80s camptastic. See Sabrina Salerno's performance below

Did I mention that none of this is safe for work? No? Sorry.

To sum it all up. We here at SayHey LOVE Sabrina Salerno

Did I forget to mention that I have a very large collection of her albums and singles on vinyl, tape and CDs?