Wednesday, December 31, 2008

All dressed up and nowhere to go

I'm not a big fan of New Years eve and especially not the day after. To me, today is means then end of Christmas and I was just getting really into the spirit of it. Another thing is having to look back at the past year. Everyone's doing the 2008 in review. Telling us what was good and what was bad. Personally I love reading those blogposts, watching the countdowns on TV and even the political and economy analysts telling us what's happened during 2008.

As I was doing the dishes earlier today I started thinking about what my final post of the year would be about. My mind went everywhere as usual and if I'd been in front of the keyboard at the time it would have ended up with me rambling on about the Queens speech and being single. How I got from annual reviews to that is a mystery even to me. However I did finally come up with something worth reading - I hope.

To me New Years has never been about going out partying and for the life of me, I have no clue why. Honestly I don't think I've ever been out dancing and partying on New Years. When I was kid it was about decorating my room for New Years, the Queens New Years speech, dinner, TV and a sip of Champagne at midnight before getting whisked off to bed.

As I got a little older I was allowed out with some of the people from school but I didn't really want to. They'd go around the neighborhood playing with firework and do all sorts of stuff to the houses where no one was home. Everything from spraying the windows with shaving cream, putting scotch tape over the keyholes to hanging the trashcan or Christmas tree up the flagpole. I wasn't that kind of boy. Not that I was above the tricks, they were alright, I just didn't like the fireworks. I mean, the big ones are pretty but most of the fireworks they'd throw around just made loud bangs or fizzled around on the ground for a bit. Besides, back then it was always cold on New Years.

I'd much rather be home watching TV all night. You see, unlike these days, there was always something worth watching on New Years eve. I guess this was one more reason why the kids at school thought I was strange. Then I didn't care that much, I didn't like any of them anyway.

If I wasn't watching TV, I was dancing around in my room. Pretending I was one of the disco divas. Boy, did I put on a show. Then after my parents had gone to bed I'd sneak into the living room and watch the concert shows that were on. Everything from the shows from the Folies Bergère in Paris, to the Boney M concerts. I loved it. Only to wake up the next morning very tired with nothing on TV but downhill skiing. If that's not a depressing way to start the new year I don't know what is.

These days I'm just celebrating New Years alone again. I don't want to go anywhere and this day has become a night like the the night of the Academy Awards. A night where I stay in, dress up and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Good food, good wine, good Champagne and good movies until the show starts. The show on this particular day being the fireworks over Copenhagen. Somehow all this doesn't scream '2008 is almost over, let's disco' to me.

Happy New Year everyone and a big big big - no make that HUGE happy birthday to Savannah!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

'Tis the Season

Now that's how I wanted to spend Christmas. Instead I had spent days getting ready for my parents arrival. Cleaning and baking and holiday shopping. I do love to shop, and impressing people with my wonderful skills in the arts of throwing a dinner party. The latter being the reason I took on this endeavour to begin with. It all went fine. My mother had her usual remarks and I fired back. I've learned from the best. At the end of the day I'm quite pleased as they have now been gone for about 26 hours and I've got a bit of a headache. After they left, my dear readers, I took a long hot shower and opened a nice bottle of Italian red wine and spent the day/night on the sofa. The sound of nothing is pure bliss.

In a previous post I wrote about the family traditions and as much as they were greatly appreciated when I was a child things change. As I fell out with my brother I made the decision to celebrate Christmas on my own, and have done it a few times. That's what I love the most. I like not having people dictating when you eat and all that. Just enjoying the day and going with the flow. Usually I would watch Christmas movies all day, only interrupted by the Disney Christmas Show at 4pm (that reminds me, I've got to watch Wall-E sometime - sooo cute!). Along with Christmas movies comes the Champagne and great food. It didn't have to be traditional Christmas food. The food could be Chateau briand or something wonderful like that. As long as it was a day of selfindulgence and joy. Plus I get along better with myself than any of my family anyway.

As it always is, this is a holiday of TV actors. I've seen Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Melissa Joan Hart) kidnap the sexy guy AC Slater from Saved by the Bell (Mario Lopez). Tim the Toolman Taylor from Tool Time (Tim Allen) succumbing to the Santa Clause and Woopi Goldberg (she had her own show and it tanked) doing the same thing as Tori 'bighead' Spelling and Patrick Stewart. Dylan McDermott of The Practice particiated to the Miracle on 34th Street. Lauren Graham of the fabulous Gilmore Girls had a Santa Clause fetish in Bad Santa and Jim Belushi Jingled All the Way. It seemed like Wallace Shawn is an important part of this holiday as he popped up in quite a few Christmas movies. He was a wizzard in Mr. St. Nick with Fraisers own Kelsey Grammar and in Karoll's Christmas he played opposite Verne Troyer and Larry Miller. It's TV actors ahoy this time of year.

The time, between Christmas and New Years is an odd one. It's really anything is it? It's not quiet New Years and Christmas is over. For me though, Christmas stays until the 31st and New Years takes over. So I'm keeping my holiday decorations up and although I don't have any more biscuits (those were sent home with my parents so they are probably in a bin at the closest rest stop on the motorway) my spirit of Christmas is up as well. So pop on that Christmas album and let's disco until New Years!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Instead of coming up with the story myself, maybe you could write the story for me?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas at the Cranks

In Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, on Christmas Eve and they have duck, pork loin with crackling, goose or turkey. We count down from Dec. 1st until the 24th. The 24th and the following two days are all national holidays. Not everything is closed though. It used to be that way but money talks and some people don't mind working at Christmas.

Our family has a very specific tradition when it comes to all things Christmas. The first weekend before December 1st my mother will decorate the house. The trees arrive and are decorated. We used to have a tree in the hall with lights and everything - the kids tree. My brother and I were in charge of decorating that one. The adults tree was decorated with lights and placed outside until December 23rd. My brothers also made Christmas hearts in colourful paper and these were collected and hung on a silver string over the massive windows in the living room. Everything had its place. The embroided advent calendar my mother made when she was expecting my oldest brother was hung by the fireplace. It has Disney characters on it.

On the advent calendar my mother hung 24 individual bags for my brother and I. The ones for Sundays were larger than the rest but the 24th was the biggest. We would look at those from day 1 until Christmas but we never touched them until the day. My mother always said she'd be able to tell if we did and would take the calendar away. In each bag was a little something, a tiny plastic toy or some kind of candy. It was such a lovely tradition.

The 23rd was special. My dad would arrive home late from work because he had to close down the bank branch and they were open late. So my mother would make a sort of rice porridge for dinner and we'd have sweet light Christmas beer for it. On top of the porrige we'd put a small lump of butter and put sugar and cinnamon on it too. In it would also be an almond and the one who got the almond got a small present. It could be anything from a bit of chocolate or a game that we'd play after dinner.

Before us kids went to bed, we put out rice porridge and Christmas beer for Santa (Julemanden in Danish). Then after we've gone off to bed my parents would decorate the adults tree with all these gorgeous Christmas decorations from my mothers mother and her mothers. We weren't allowed to see it until the morning of the 24th. After they were done they'd have smoked salmon before going to bed.

On the morning of the 24th I remember waking up before 9 and running into the living room to see the tree. Then getting the last bag of the advent calendar and check the fireplace to see if Santa had left something for me. Of course he had, and he'd also eaten a bit of the stale porridge. Bless. After checking the presents I would turn on the TV and watch a Christmas show called "While we wait" (Imens vi venter) which consisted of small Christmas cartoons and studio stuff with Christmas stuff galore.

Then my parents would get up and we'd sit down for breakfast until us kids were told to go tidy up our rooms. Then my mother would start preparing dinner as my father would start hoovering and cleaning the guest bathroom. After we were done with our chores, I'd sit down and watch the Christmas show again and my father would be sent out to get more cream. Why we never had cream on Christmas Eve I'll never know. Maybe my mother just wanted him out of the house so she could sneak a glass of wine.

At 4pm on the dot my drunken aunt would arrive and that was the time as the Disney Christmas show would start. We'd all (excluding my mother who was now having a meltdown in the kitchen) sit down and watch the Disney show. When that was done we (all except my drunken aunt and my brother) would rush off to church but would always end up standing up in the back of the packed church. At 6pm we'd sneak out and go finish preparing dinner.

At 7pm on the dot, dinner would be on the table. Dinner was always pork loin with crackling, roasted duck, red cabbage, potatoes, sauce, potatoes coated in caramel and crisps. For dessert we'd have rice porridge but this time with whipped cream and chopped almonds in it. There would also be one whole almond in it and the one who gets it wins a present. The present was always brought by my drunken aunt.

After dinner we would lay all the presents under the tree and leave the room. My mother would then light the candles on the tree. Then we'd all go back into the living room and oooh and aaah at how pretty it was. The humiliating part was next, and we would walk around the tree singing Christmas carols.

Five minutes later everyone was sick and tired of that and we would sit down and one of us would find presents for the other and we'd open them. After the presents were opened and everyone had thanked each other we would have coffee (some of them irish), hot chocolate, chocolates and biscuits. Then my aunt would leave and we'd all go to sleep.

On the 25th we had the family over for lunch and the same on the 26th. So much food and drinks. The kids playing with their presents or out in the snow in the garden.

This year is very different. As I type this my parents are on their way over to my place to celebrate Christmas. The first time in more than 40 years where my mother hasn't hosted. I have been baking, cleaning and shopping like a maniac and I've also been decorating for Christmas. It's been very busy at Sayhey and the next few days I probably won't be around so much.

All the traditions are out, and I'm starting new ones. I have been scaring my mother by telling her this is going to be a theme Christmas. Christmas under the palmes. Lots of coconut, seafood, colourful twinkle lights and Malibu rum. Still she hasn't cancelled. Bless. Then again she'll just have more ammunition to use against me some other time. Or this time.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

To bake or not to bake - that is a stupid question

Christmas is coming on strong now, only a few days to go until the big day. My parents will be arriving tomorrow and will be leaving on the 26th. So, I've had to get ready for the upcoming festivities. This means a lot of cleaning and baking. I've now done both and I'm quite happy with the result.

There are a few things I must do before they arrive but so far at least the baking is done.

They still need the frosting and I'll be getting to that in a bit.

These are traditional Danish Christmas biscuits baked with white pepper.

These are gingerbread biscuits

Coconut macaroons with white and dark chocolate decoration (I don't really like them but my mother does)

Marcipan and nougat roulade and dark and white chocolate cornflakes treats.

Now excuse me, I have to go decorate the biscuits with frosting.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My fragrance

In response to Miss Scarlets post I thought I'd show you the advert for my fragrance.

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The results are in

Today is the results of my Christmas competition from the other day. You were given the task of picking what my latest purchase from Amazon was and you had options A to I. Not exactly easy, but this is how you all answered...

A) The book "Wyrd Sisters" by Terry Pratchett.
Voted on by Bingowings

B) The DVD "The Vicar of Dibley" The Ultimate Collection.
Voted on by Miss MJ

C) The Nintendo Wii game "Dancing Stage Hottest Party" including a dance mat.

D) The concert DVD "Tangled Up" by Girls Aloud.
Voted on by IDV

E) The concert DVD "KYLIEX2008"
Voted on by Ponita

F) The CD "X Tour Edition" by Kylie
Voted on by Miss Scarlet

G) The Nintendo Wii game "High School Musical 3 DANCE"
Voted on by Beastie

H) The DVD "The complete fourth series of Doctor Who"

I) The DVD "A Carol Christmas" starring Bubba Shatner and Tori Spelling
Voted on by Miss KAZ and Miss Daisy

Then out of the blue comes Londons finest Tim and says he "I'm going to say the Wii game, because even though I hate High School Musical I'm hoping that if I win you'll throw a Wii in too." Does that mean you pick the High School Musical Wii game? Because there were two Wii games.

First of all I'm not throwing in a Wii. I've only got one of those but I will recommend everyone to go buy one because they are great. Please do, then we can play Mario Kart against each other.

All the items mentioned are things I have or want and if we begin from the top.

A) I bought the book in August I think and it's not the last thing I bought from them. Sorry Bingowings

B) I love the Vicar of Dibley you must watch that. However I don't own this gem. Sorry Miss MJ

D) I bought the Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Tour when it came out but unfortunately I haven't bought the Tangled Up tour yet. Sorry IDV

E) Wow Ponita really close! I pre-ordered that one off and it arrived a little over a week ago.

F) Wow Miss Scarlet you were also really close. I pre-ordered this off at the same time as the Kylie X tour DVD.

G) Oh, Beastie. You were *so* close! Yet so far away mate. No Christmas present from me to you, sorry.

I) Finally Miss KAZ and Miss Daisy voted for the camptastic Christmas DVD starring Tori Bighead Spelling and Bubba Shatner. Unfortunately that's not it either.

So what now? Which one was it then? C or H? Was it the Wii dance game including the dance mat or the Doctor Who season 4 DVD?

It wasn't the Doctor Who DVD. It could have been, but I'm holding off until next year when the price goes below £45.

Do you all remember Tims very cryptic answer? Well he was somewhat right because it was a Wii game. It was

C) The Nintendo Wii game "Dancing Stage Hottest Party" including a dance mat (it should arrive any day now)

Since Tim was vague enough to not actually specify which Wii game it was and only stated that he hated High School Musical, I'm rewarding

Tim the official winner of Sayheys Christmas Competition!

Congratulations Tim. If you email me your address I'll send you a nice little gift to stick under the tree - from me to you.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heartbeat rock

No, not that. I was rudely awoken by a loud noise and a some sort of shaking I thought. It felt like my bed was being pushed and pulled while the cabinet doors were clattering. My alarm said 6:18 am so when it stopped I albeit a little shaken (tee-hee!) went back to sleep thinking it might have all been some bizarre dream.

We don't have earthquakes in Denmark afterall. Really, I've been on this earth for 30 years and never heard such rubbish. After forcing myself to believe it was all just an odd dream I went to work. I didn't dare to mention it and I hadn't seen the news sites until one of the guys asked "so did you feel the earthquake?". My response was automatic, "you are kidding!". No, he was not kidding. So I checked the news and it was all over that we'd had an earthquake, although it came from somewhere in south Sweden.

I've never experienced anything like that before, it was my first earthquake because like I mentioned earlier the mere thought of earthquakes in Denmark is hilarious. Apparently it did happen back when I was 7 too but back then I lived in Jutland and it's not felt all the way over there but Copenhagen felt it this morning, that's for sure. It was rather bizarre and a wee bit scary when you don't know what it is. I live not that far from the Copenhagen airport and planes fly over the city when on their way to land so you never know. Well, I may not have experienced it before I turned 30 but I can definately check that one off the list of things I've experienced/done.

If you haven't already participated in my Christmas compo go do it now. This means you too Tim as you didn't actually pick a valid choice. Since we are on the subject of Christmas I will leave you with yet another youtube video. This one is an absolute Christmas classic of my generation (and those a wee bit older too - right IDV?)

Mel & Kim - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree (the Comic Relief Christmas single circa 1987)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Christmas competition

It seems I've accidently purchased two of something. The other day I found something I've been looking for but haven't purchased because it was too expensive. Then today as I was rummaging through a box I haven't looked in since I moved in a year ago and discovered I had it all along. Of course I didn't keep the receipt so I can't take it back. So I'm making a little competition here so YOU can be the lucky winner of the MYSTERY item. All you've got to do is answer the following question.

What was the last item I bought off the online shop Amazon?

A) The book "Wyrd Sisters" by Terry Pratchett

B) The DVD "The Vicar of Dibley" The Ultimate Collection

C) The Nintendo Wii game "Dancing Stage Hottest Party" including a dance mat

D) The concert DVD "Tangled Up" by Girls Aloud

E) The concert DVD "KYLIEX2008"

F) The CD "X Tour Edition" by Kylie

G) The Nintendo Wii game "High School Musical 3 DANCE"

H) The DVD "The complete fourth series of Doctor Who"

I) The DVD "A Carol Christmas" starring Bubba Shatner and Tori Spelling

Have a chat amongst yourselves and leave your choice in the comment box. I'll reveal the winner on Wednesday and hopefully you'll have the MYSTERY item by Christmas. Remember, only one answer per person and there is only ONE correct answer. There is only one MYSTERY item so the lucky ones will have to hope luck is on their side.

EDIT: The compo closes 16:00 CET on December 17 2008

EDIT: The compo is now closed - sorry but you are too late.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Studs n' style

Today I was cordially invited to MJs First Annual Office Christmas Party tomorrow. It's a bit short notice if you ask me. This proves to be quite the challenge because I'd just sent back most of my free couture dresses. Still, I had kept a few Chanel, Gucci, Givenchy and Julien McDonald creations. As we all know the shoes always pick the dress. If you've found the shoes you want to wear you will always find a dress to match. So off I went down the Copenhagen high street (as I couldn't go drool at the windows in Old Church Street in London).

I walked past Louis Vuitton, Hermes and then made a quick stop at Gucci. They usually have something to offer, be that a handbag or a pair of shoes. Today it was all studs and not in the good way.

You never know what to encounter in Canada so the style would be ok but what's with the studs? suede is probably not a good choice though.

They also came in leather though.

And as an open shoe. The studs were bothering me though, so I was just about to move up the street to Illum when I spotted these.

Those were quite promising to be honest. Surely if there would be any encounters from that orange loving creature I'd be able to defend myself. Having put the last pair on my list of possibilities I spotted an oddity in the corner.

They aren't pretty but they are easy to run in and look relatively warm for the Canadian climate. For all I know MJ will have us running around in her stables. The problem is, I couldn't possibly find anything that would go with these. Surely they would be something to talk about. Not because they are pretty though.

Off I went to Illum one of the most exclusive department stores in Denmark, if not THE most. I headed off to the shoe department and started browsing. A salesminion came and asked me what I was looking for. For a Canadian climate? She pointed me towards the Jimmy Choos.

Jimmy Choo seemed like so many other designer labels to be weather appropriate which is nice, but not really a concern of mine. Somehow not freezing is not a concern when you are wearing a flat soled shoe with a spike heel on an icy surface. Still a valid choice.

The Stuart Weitzman section was limited but I did spot another few weather appropriate contenders.

The salesminion was very concerned about the weather in Canada and mentioned how these had steel inforcement if I ran into any difficulties. Then I remembered The Orange Slut and suddenly they were in the running. You know, just to be on the safe side.

She also showed me these but by then I'd lost all interest in her and her weather proofing my feet so I told her I'd look around on my own. It took a while for it to sink in as she was used to having upper class ladies who didn't know style if it came and bit them on the arse but eventually she caught on and scampered back to her till. Where she spent the next half hour sorting sockettes.

Prada was next. Even if you aren't very impressed by Prada you must check them out. Just in case they'd come up with something decent. They too were very much about the weather proofing my feet. These were just not for me, I'd seen better.

Behold a nice pair of shoes. Something absolutely not practical for winter in Canada. I like it! Then again I'm a sucker for most things strappy. It looked like Prada had come up with a contender. I was on a roll.

Over in the corner there was a small row of Sergio Rossi shoes. You know, the ones Hollywood A-listers wear for the Oscars. Well, most of them. There weren't many.

I am not overly excited about these but with the right Julian McDonald dress they could probably make quite a splash. On I went to the familiar love of one of my favorite designer labels.

Dolce & Gabbana have always been favorites, although their outfits aren't as fabulous as they once were. Still they had some wonderful shoes for us.

I was not completely taken by this boot. Actually I was a little disappointed, it just looks awkward yet a little bit kinky. So I moved on quickly to the next row of Dolce % Gabbana.

I'm a sucker for this, very simple and sleek. Certainly something that goes with everything. Although I wouldn't try but I'm sure it would even go with orange. Definately a contender.

I like this one too. This could also do well with something from Julien McDonald I'm sure.

I fell in love with the detail on the heel and silver goes with a lot. Another winner from Dolce & Gabbana.

Now that I'd gone and found choices, all I have to do is pick a pair. That is difficult, and while I do plan on arriving fashionably (in every sense) late, I don't want to show up when the party's over. Do you have any favorites?

I also managed to find this pair online when I got home. Vauxhall anyone?

Vroom vroom!

As a bonus I bought a pair of shoes for IDV. I've been rather rough on him of late and I do appreciate our friendship a lot. Which is also why I took him to meet Kylie in South America. Still for IDV, I think you need these.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Say(hey) cheese!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to catch a Christmas movie on TV. No, I had certainly not set my alarm to make sure I wouldn't miss it. Honest! Ok, I did but I had my reasons. This wasn't just any old Christmas movie, this would be the Christmas movie that rules all Christmas movies. For sure. I just knew it would be like totally the awesomest Christmas movie of like totally all time.

Forget classics like Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street, Jingle All The Way or It's a Wonderful Life. This movie, like so, so, soooooooooooooo many other movies used the story of A Christmas Carol by Dickens to entertain us. When I say us, I figure me and that other person who may have tuned in to watch it at 4pm on a Saturday. Introducing....

Because Hallmark cares about YOU!

Isn't it just wonderful, just when you think nobody cares about you anymore, someone at Hallmark digs out Tori Spellings old headshot and says "isn't it time we dragged this old bat out again?" or "I suppose we should throw her another bone, maybe she'll finally give up those hideous reality TV shows". Ah, it's Christmas. Love is in the air.

You may ask what the fabulous Bubba Shatner is doing in that movie. He plays Dr. Bob (and the spirit of Christmas present).

And Gary Coleman? The spirit of Christmas past obviously. Duh! But really, it's all about Tori Spelling (Carol) who is a bitch and then goes through the entire run of A Christmas Carol by Dickens. Until in the end she hooks up with her only true love (totally hot guy) and makes up with her sister. But not before throwing complete diva tantrums, making out with hot guy, holding Bubba Shatners suspenders and being locked into a coffin.

Tori says Merry Christmas (and go buy my movie) bitches!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Troy Boltons Christmas Surprise

You think you've bought some really nice, kiddie friendly advent calendar for your kids, niece/nephews or other and then you look closer.

I'm sure many a teenage boy or girl are looking very much forward to finding out what's behind door number 24.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Not your typical beginning of Christmas post

A lot has happened here since Thursday and I have much to share but not just yet. I don't know how to put it into words as it is and I'm so exhausted and depressed and on my way to bed. Originally I had planned to do a post about Christmas or the actual Christmas party I attended on Friday - maybe later in the week perhaps.

In any case I share with you yet another youtube video. This is a collaboration between Coldplay (the worlds dullest and whiniest bands on the planet - ever!) and Kylie (she's divine). It's called Lhuna and it's not a video but just the song.

At first I really didn't like it. Chris Martin is about the most annoying singer in the world (except that Melua person who sang that song about bicycles in Berlin or something - why doesn't she just jump off a bridge somewhere high preferably) and it sounds like his voice was treated to sound worse. However Kylie is haunting and so is the song. I've listened to it a few times and now I kind of like it. I do however block out Chris Martins vocals because they are atrocious.

Is it really a song for World Aids day or is it a bit too depressing?