Sunday, July 18, 2010

Food for the gods

This week I had invited my parents over for dinner, because they always complain that they never get to visit me after I left Copenhagen. So there I was, with the dilemma of what to cook for them. I ended up serving them salmon with water cress and avocado, boef stroganoff and the most divine dessert ever.

Seriously, I've never made anything that tasted this good. It was divine (and I can thank food goddess, minx and ruler of food porn miss Nigella Lawson for the recipe). Oh, and braving a copyright infringement lawsuit, you can cook it too.


125 gram soft unsalted butter
300 gram dark chocolate (at least 70%) broken up into smallish pieces
3 tablespoons of the light coloured syrup
200 gram Digestive biscuits
100 gram mini marshmellows (I could only find large ones, so I cut mine into smaller pieces
2 tablespoons of icing sugar
1 fan to keep cool during the ordeal

1. melt butter, chocolate and syrup in a pot

2. save 1 1/4 deciliter of the mixture for later

3. put biscuits in a bag and bash them with a rolling pin - leave some small and other larger chunks of biscuit

4. mix biscuits and marshmellows into the chocolate mixture

5. pour the mixture into an appropriate container and smooth it with a hot knife or other cooking tool.

6. cool it for at least 2 hours, or preferably over night in the fridge

7. cut the "cake" into small pieces - the recipe says 24 but I doubt I got that many out of it.

8. dust cake with icing sugar. (I forgot that)


Even my mother who is *so* not a marshmellow person loved them.

That said, I had pasta tonight, and the only novelty pasta I've seen has been penis shaped ones. Never bought that, but I found this the other day

Looney Toons pasta! YAY!


It was actually not bad. I never really liked Bugs Bunny, so I took great pleasure in biting off his head.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Special price for you my friend

This is a two for the price of one, just for you my pretties. As I sit here in this awful heat with my lemon drop feeling very Socks in the City with my laptop. It would have been much more authentic had it not been for one of those retarded American Pie movies (I think this is number 5) on TV. I think I'll put on some Sex & the City. That will take this from crass to class.

Right where were we, and where did my lemon drop go?

This is one of those dreadful meme posts. First one comes from facebook where a certain Mr. Tim tagged me. So without further ado, I give you

A-Z of me
You've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with the ABC's of YOU.

A - Age: 29 give or take a couple of years (more give than take though, I'm afraid)

B - Bed size: A double.

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning and tidying up. You see, I am missing that gene. It skipped a generation, as my mother is a complete neat freak.

D - Dog's name: I don't have a dog. Growing up my evil bro had a dachshund called Pjevs. He hated me. The dog, although I'm thinking the same went for my evil bro.

E - Essential start your day item: Water, water, water. That and a dab or two of Inverse by Kylie Minogue

F - Favorite color(s): I love red. Red, black and silver. But I really like most happy bright colours except for yellow and orange.

G - Gold or Silver: Silver.

H - Height: Pretty average (I hate that word) really.

I - Instruments you play: I don't play any instruments. I hated everyone at school, but I did sign up for guitar lessons however too few people signed up for it and nothing came of it. Would like to be able to play the piano though.

J - Job title: According to the online dictionary, I'm a trained Office Clerk. What I do now, is make sure people keep up their car payments and if they don't, I take their cars. I love my job!

K - Kid(s): Ewww. Never!

L - Living arrangements: A rented top floor 74 sq meter flat.

M - Mom's name: Ida

N - Nicknames: A colleague of mine called me Pistol Pete in an email last week, and on here people call me 'Petra and CyberPoof. Personally I prefer Pete.

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: I've never (knock wood) spent the night in the hospital. Well except for when I was delivered (by a storck obviously)

P - Pet Peeve: Knuckle cracking, people who wear their trousers down their ankles, socks in sandals, Crocs, Uggs, ankle socks in stilettos, ballerina slippers

Q - Quote from a movie: "No wire hangers, ever!" Faye Dunaway in Mommy Dearest (1981)

R - Right or left handed: Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosy (I learned that from Luke on Gilmore Girls)

S - Siblings: Jens

T - Time you wake up: Ideally around 7am but I go in early these days, so it's more like 6.

U - Underwear: Preferably Dolce & Gabbana (of late I do appreciate Ralph Lauren and I'm quite ashamed about that as I don't trust American designers) but as my pocketbook is a little slim these days Sloggi will have to do.

V - Vegetable you dislike: Is a salad a vegetable? Because I truely HATE Ruccola with a passion. Whoever made that must be in liege with the devil. I also dislike broccoli and brussle sprouts.

W - Workout style: As little and for as short a time as possible.

X - X-rays you've had: I've had a few of my teeth, and my ankles (sprained them a lot when I was a kid - clutz that's me hi!) and when I broke my arm when I was 4. I don't remember breaking my arm, but I've seen the photos.

Y - Yesterday's best moment: Watching Glee or making and eating a wonderful chocolate cake without flour. The chocolate cake won out.

Z - Zoo favorite: I've been to quite a few of those. When I was in San Diego Zoo last year I thought I'd be going gaga for the Panda Bears but they were quite snooty and off putting. My favorite was the Polar Bear. I tell you, one look at one of those and all the energy I was lacking was restored. Loved it! The lion at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was pretty cute too.

Now, for the bonus feature. The meme from IDV who wants to know these 10 things about me.

1. What's your earliest memory?

The other day I had a flash memory of my father reading to me. I don't know how old I was at the moment, but I must have been younger than 5.

2. What was the last thing you ate?

San Mazano tomatos

3. Would you support a comeback by Steps?

Yes, probably. I did welcome the comeback of Bananarama

Up until I heard their stuff, that is.

4. What is your dream car?


5. How tall are you?

See my answer in the ABC above.

6. Margaret Thatcher vs Queen Elizabeth II: Who would win and why/how?

That's difficult isn't it. They are both iron lizzers uh, I mean ladies. Obviously. Probably Liz though, because she's got the scepter to hit people with and if they are too far away she'll just throw the orb. Plus, she met Gaga.


7. Mama Cass died choking on a sandwich. What sandwich filling would you happily choke on?



8. Has a pick-up line ever worked for you? If so, what was it? If not, what was the worst reaction?

Not unless "hi" etc. are pick-up lines. I did come up with some funny pun once, and the guy just turned around and walked away. I was relieved.

9. You find yourself inexplicably cloned, barely wearing something sexy, and gagging for it. You would, wouldn't you?! Just out of curiosity, or maybe for some other reason?

What kind of question is that!?! Oh, my god! I wouldn't no. We wouldn't be compatible.

10. How did you find this [IDVs] blog? Go on, indulge me!

It's been soooo many years since, but probably through Glitter For Brains? Then it was either IDV or Lee who introduced me to Tims blog.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Call Me

Well, ok maybe not. Or, yes you can call me. Although I won't guarantee that I'll pick up.

Do you remember this gem from Blondie?

Now brace yourself, as I'm about to shock you. I never really cared for Blondie or the song for that matter. Then of course, I got an alert that a certain Miss Sabrina Salerno had teamed up with a certain Miss Samantha Fox for a cover version.

Maybe you remember back in the 80s and early 90s there was a page 6 girl catfight? This was the battle of the boobs. Samantha vs. Sabrina. Britain vs. Italy. The media catfight in which the two girls were battling it out on whose boobs were real, who could get to the no. 1 spot and wore least clothes in their videos and photoshoots.

They both fizzled out like punctured breast implants by the early 90s though. Sabrina tried a couple of times to get back her fame in Europe but maintained her star status in Italy. Where Samantha Fox went, I have no clue. Are the rumours true that she's a lesbian?

Anýway, what happens when two 80s has beens come together in appreciation of Blondie?

Yes that. What do you think?

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Very fruity

I grew up in a house with a nice garden by a lake. When I say by a lake, it's mean in that real estate agent kind of way. Because the lake was 3 rows of houses down, and past a fairly busy road. Yet we had a nice view of the lake as the house was on a (very) small hill. I didn't really appreciate the view back then, as I was either in my room colouring, playing Civilization (or Giana Sisters or Oil Imperium) or perhaps sitting outside on the balcony steps playing with our dog.

My parents did all they could, but I did find the entire collection of Abba on vinyl that they had hidden away along with Cliff Richard. Cliff wasn't really my thing though (except for that one Christmas song..)


We didn't just have fruity things in the house. Our garden was filled with black currant, redcurrant, strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears and gooseberries.


There were also melons, although they weren't for eating.

We haven't scaled down on the fruit since, as you can well imagine. I like fruit, I eat way too little of it, and I believe it's way too expensive. That is, if you want fresh fruit. You know, proper fresh fruit. The kind that looks great and doesn't taste waxy and artificial.

So today, as I was all out of ice cream and it was too hot to go anywhere or do anything, I pondered if I should go for ice cream. It was quite the debate in my head really. Yet, I ended up getting dressed properly, and ventured out into the sweltering heat. Sun baking us all, and it was quite a journey. The shop was nice and cool, and of course they'd been practically sold out on ice cream. I also managed to look in the fruit section if they had anything worth buying.

The raspberries looked great, so I stood there inspecting every pack of them. Obviously. As I did so, a woman and her daughter (I can only assume (I know, some stupid American phrase, something about a donkey)) came up to me looking at mangos. The daughter stood there staring, rather rudely I daresay, at me and then turns to her mother asking why I was inspecting the raspberries. Of course, I could have just answered myself, but the mother told her rather flat out "so the gentleman can get the packet with the least worms and rotting berries". Right. She was correct of course, but it almost put me off buying them if it wasn't because the packet I was holding hadn't looked so perfect.

When I got home I checked the packet again and the raspberries were perfect. They also tasted like every bit of summery goodness that I remember. Still, you don't get much eh? Why must the good fruits and berries cost so much?


Now, how about a raspberry margarita?