Tuesday, June 30, 2009


No, no, not THAT Journey, or this one although the latter is pretty good.

This very Friday I'm off to London and won't be back until Monday night. It's all going to be a big party hopefully. My friend and I will be partying will good (hopefully) old, nay ancient, Va..sorry, Madge at the O2 as she'll be doing her Old and Bitter tour. Some of you may remember I went to see her Confessions on a Toilet tour in Denmark some years ago and may ask why on earth I want to relive that again. To be honest I'm not that desperate to do all that again because the poor woman can't sing live to save her life.

The problem is Madge hasn't realised this is the case. Where Kylie knows that she shouldn't (and won't be caught dead) dancing like a madwoman or as someone in a workout video to sing live, Britney knows that in order to do this she has to pretend to sing into a dummy mic. Madge thinks she can do both, bless. It's slightly entertaining but at the same time painful for the ears.

Anyway, my friend and I will probably go out partying on Friday night and then take it from there. Shopping at Harvey Nicks and Harrods and possibly doing the London Eye again. All topped off with scarves and big sunglasses on the top of those London busses and in boats on the Thames waving to our loyal subjects (of which there are obviously many). Going to Westfields would be interesting because Tim has spoken of this place for some time. Last and definately not least, we'll be going to Soho and such for a laugh or two. One thing though, it's funny how I always get lost and end up on Carnaby Street, which is always a delight.

So anyway, if you are my friend on Facebook you can look up my number and text me if you want to say hi. Because obviously there is always a party going on in my suite at Hotel Russell (overlooking my favorite spot of London, Russell Square)

Have fun! More on my London trip once I'm back - if I can remember it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Nobody puts baby in a corner

I had the time of my life last night. Ok, so it was Friday night, but that doesn't go with the whole Dirty Dancing theme.

I'm not a party gay. I never really went out and partied like it was 1989 because I was brought up to be the nice guy. The one that sits home with his parents on a Friday and Saturday night and then sits in his room studying until 10.30pm before going to to sleep. Well, that and the fact that I didn't have any friends who wanted to go out with me.

Of course I've had a few nights out, I spent an entire easter break completely hammered on Bacardi Limon and Sprite and the week after in bed being sick as a dog. I also had few Christmas parties - like the last company party. There were feather boas and copious amounts of liquor. And (I know you don't start a sentence with 'and' but I am a rebel - deal with it) you know what? I both those times were some of the BEST times in my life. I had actual fun, f-u-n!

Where I work we can decide to join a sort of student union except it's for the people who work there and not students. A union I suppose. They put together events that we can all attend if we want. Be it beer tasting, football games, concerts, shopping trips to cities around Europe and whatnot. The union had arranged first a department football game where it was "administration" vs. "production" (as we don't actually produce anything this includes the credit analysis, financing and debt collection teams). This was cancelled due to a number of things happening but any excuse to have a party. So, they picked up a sack of party games, beer, liquor, steaks and off we went to the house that had been rented.

I wasn't actually going to attend because I hate football and beer. Yet the friend I am going to the great US of A with in August (Dullface) persuaded me to. I got there late of course, because I'd stayed at work doing a bit of work because I found it foolish to go home and spend 5 minutes there before leaving again. When I got there Dullface was already there. He was talking to some of the people there and didn't really speak to me. So I found myself another group and we split up playing either petanque (weird game with balls) or this weird king game with sticks. He wanted to do the petanque thing and I had teamed up with a lovely girl and my work crush for the stick game.

From then on I didn't actually speak to Dullface all night. He had already sat down for the dinner at the other end of the table when we got in and so our new crew stuck together. Dinner turned a bit naughty when the grilled sausages were served. Before we knew it someone had mentioned this other guy from work (he was there) who we don't like, and someone was having a bite of a sausage when my crush mentioned someone about him doing the chopper in front of his very unsexy girlfriend. It all went further down the gutter from then on and we had to leave because we got a little loud. There was wine and Irish Coffees and later beers. We ended up play darts in our drunken stupour with another guy who had joined us in our laughing over the guy we don't like.

So we went outside and it all continued. Dullface came out to join us for a bit but suddenly he was gone again. I think someone asked him to do the chopper. Bless. Anyway we stayed until 3am drinking, dancing and singing like maniacs. We also had some very drunken deep talks which was nice. I don't remember much of it though. I made sure our lovely girl got home alright and I staggered home and crashed on my bed around 4.30am with my stinky clothes still on.

I can't remember when I've had THAT much fune ever. Even those bits that I don't remember were fun, I know that much. I need friends like that, and I am going to have to pretend I'm still in my late teens early twenties.

Let's party like it's 1989! (Ok, so maybe more like 1987)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Two major things happened over the past few weeks. First off, I finally became an adult. That feels so strange to say, but I actually feel like an adult now. Sure, I've had a proper job for over five years now and pay taxes and TV license and all that however I never learned to drink coffee.

My evil brother tried to teach me that when I was 15 and I couldn't swallow it because it tasted awful. It was a bitter taste in my mouth everytime and I tried everything. Milk, sugar and a combination. No matter what I just couldn't get it down. He tried for a few years and eventually gave up. Thank god.

Then Thursday last week I was having one of those days at work where I could hardly focus on anything because I was just that tired. A colleague was offering to get some Lattés and I piped in asking for one too. Just to see if I still hated it. The worst thing that could happen was that it tasted awful and in that case I'd just not drink it. Do you know what? It didn't taste as horrible as I had thought. Sure, I added a bit of brown cane sugar to sweeten it but it was a huge step.

Of course I felt queasy, my tongue felt fuzzy and I had a strange bitter taste in my mouth afterwards but the effect was worth it. I was ready to force more bad credits to give up their cars. I felt like a caffeinated car repo monster. The caffeine pumping through my veins at speeds previously unheard of. It was nice. Today I had my first Latté without sugar, I felt even more queasy and my tongue more fuzzy but I got through the day. Today I became an adult. A proud Latté drinking adult.

The other thing that happened was the release of


and it's absolutely fantastic! Which is also why I probably won't surface as much for a loooong time. Well, of course I've got other things going on like my trip to see Madges Stale and Bitter tour in London in early July, The Beautiful Festival (Skanderborg Festival, DK) opened by Kylie on August 6 and my US tour from August 8 to September 1st. Lots of planning and Sim'ing.

La vita é bella, si?