Monday, February 28, 2011


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I don't remember exactly when I started watching the Oscars, but I remember the first time I watched it was in my bed. Since then it's taken a life of it's own. Now it's lushious dinner, Champagne, chocolates and whatnot. I also started out not so much interested in the actual awards. Now don't get me wrong, I still adore the red carpet and it gets my full attention, but the actual awards now get just as much attention.

Also, I was kind of roped into doing a live blogging of the awards, and I still think that's a mistake but for you my dears, everything! It'll take the format of the fabulous Twitter network where you get a little comment about something rather once in a while. It can be anything from who wins the award to how a dress looks or how good (hello Sandra Bullock darling!) or bad (hi Halle Berry dear!) an acceptance speech is. Or whatever.

The show hasn't started yet, but while I gather the last bit of chocolates and grab another bottle of Champagne, please do chat amongst yourselves.
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Here we go...

Ok, funny into going on. James Franco is a lot more attractive than Alec Baldwin that's for sure.

Um, James Franco in a white leotard. You'd think this was hot but it really isn't.

OH hello there Anne Hathaway in a gorgeous bejewelled white grecian dress. I love Anne (will probably say that a lot tonight)

Who is the woman with Marky Mark? She looks a little bit like Molly Sims, maybe a poor mans version.

The Academy Award set design is really nice this year. Less sparkly and gaudy. A little bit kool.

Tom Hanks just needs to stand there to bore me. It doesn't take much at all, when he opens his mouth *YAWN!*

I think first Oscar was for set designs and was won by Alice In Wonderland? I kind of tuned out because I was bored out of my mind by Tom Hanks. Sorry, hopefully he won't show up again.

Oh, he continues.. He's put his glasses on, and no it doesn't make him look any less boring.

Wally Fister won for Inception. Not sure what the award was for though. Just thought the name was worth mentioning.

I love Amy Adams!

Oh, Cinematography was the Wally Fister Oscar. Bless.

I liked the intro to the show with James Franco and Anne Hathaway visiting the nominated movies in the good old Inception stylee

Oh, oh Kirkie! Kirk Douglas is in da house! Wonder where Michael is - is he in the In Memorium segment?

I don't understand a word Kirk Douglas is saying. Bless. I feel like they pulled him out for the novelty factor. Poor guy.

Best supporting actress award now! I want Amy Adams to win, but it will probably be Melissa Leo.

Awww the little girl is cute with her diamond hairband.

Hugh Jackman is HOT! I liked him as an Oscar host. A lot actually! He wears suits very well, as well as nothing.

Kirkie is stalling, and it's torture to the poor girls who haven't eaten anything in days.

Melissa Leo won and oh my god she's going to cry. I can feel it.

I hate Melissa Leo's hair. The dress is lovely. She was in Marky Marks movie The Fighter. She's sweet.

Still want Amy Adams to win.

Ooooopsie! Cussing on stage? No, no. There we go, come on cry cry cry - you know you want to!

Lost interest, go way Melissa. Thank you.

Hello there, hi Justin you look really pretty. Marry me?

On a totally unrelated note, I'm feeling a little tipsy. Where are the caviar puffs? WAITER!

Animated feature film - exciting stuff? It'll probably be some Hollywood thing that wins. Toy Story 3 anyone?

I just knew it! Bless. I wouldn't know if it's any good. I gave up watching Toy Story 2 obviously I haven't watched this sequel.

The winner is yammering away and he has dark circles around his eyes. Looks like the masks Robin wore in Batman & Robin..

He (the winner for Toy Story 3) was no super hero though.

On the Danish transmission we don't get commercials, but rather 3 specialists, they call themselves. They analyse the show and winners.

I love clips from the old shows, and past winners.

Penelope Cruz closeup. I didn't need to see *THAT*

I find white tuxes tacky.

Aaron Sorkin just won for The Social Network - adaped screenplay. What a dull movie.

His speech is just as dull.

Oh, the music, I love the - get the fuck off the stage music - and Aaron Sorkin is just not getting it. Send Kirkie back out there and pull him off stage.

Must say he's not winning any awards for his speech.

First win for The King's Speech (Original Screenplay) one of many if you believe the bookies. Funny man, he is. I like him a lot. No idea who he is but do I care. No.

Aaron Sorkin, take notice! That's how you do it. Short and sweet, and funny!

I am watching The King's Speech on March 9. Not very fussed about it, but I'm sure it's great.

Anne Hathaway is singing, and it sounds nice. The shoes are HOT. They are sparkly Louboutin's. I can't remember what they are called, but they were in the same collection as Bridget's Back!

Wow. James Franco as Miss Marilyn Monroe. Nice arms!

First jab at Charlie Sheen!

Helen Mirren looks amazing and speaks fabulous French!

Foreign Language Film - WE ARE NOMINATED! Susanne Bier for In A Better World. Must win!

YES! She won! She's so pretty, let's see if she cries.

She's shaking a lot, wow! At least she didn't fall.

Reese Witherspoon in a black Armani Privé. Hate the hair, but a lovely and very safe dress.

Mark Ruffalo is always charming. Ben Affleck looked hot in that Jeremy Renner movie, as did Jeremy Renner.

Christian Bale, winner of supporting actor. He should have shaved. He looks like that dull guy from Castaway.

Now we are down to less than half a bottle of champagne. Got another bottle in the fridge though.

A sort of brown dress on someone from Disney. It works! Maybe you'll see this in my red carpet post later today/tomorrow

Hugh Jackman is so hot. I like Nicole Kidmans hair and necklace, but the dress is not my cup of tea. Well maybe a cup of green tea, I don't like that.

Who scores most originally you may ask? The answer's on a postcard, or well, forthcoming.

The Social Network, Trent Resner and someone else. We are not impressed as we like A.R, Rahman.

Trent is attractive though. Oh, he's married. Never mind.

Matthew McConaghey and Scarlett Johansson presenting best sound or something. I just couldn't get past the fact that Matthew needs a haircut and Scarlett needs a new dress.

Matthew McConaghey is either very tanned or Scarlett Johansson is very pale. Either way, it looks ridiculous.

He looks good in a suit though.

Tron Legacy lost best sound editing. The Shame (haven't watched the movie and don't know what it's about but it looks interesting hence it should win)

How can you not think this is best for sound editing?

James Franco is not as good a host as Anne Hathaway but he looks good. Thank you Academy!

Oh, oh, Marissa Tomei in a vintage dress. Love it.

Oh god, I really hate Cate Blanchetts dress. Absolutely hideous. Maybe interesting, but definitely ugly. You'll see this in my red carpet update for sure.

The Wolfman won best makeup. Just as Cate Blanchett said about her dress "it's gross!"

Or, maybe she means the makeup in the movie that just won? Nah, she must mean her dress.

Costume designs! I love that category.

Alice in Wonderland? OH well, at least it wasn't that hideous western True Grit. The winner previously won for Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago.

She's shy, reading out of a note. Come on, look at us at least once!

People are less excited about winning this year. Or there's more reading from cards and jammering on about everyone they've ever worked with.

Kevin Spacey singing, no no no. You are NOT George Clooney!

Helloooooo? Is this thing on?

Randy Newman is singing the Toy Story 3 song We Belong Together. I'm not a fan.

Maybe if I had some more champagne?


Mandy Moore singing with some hottie. Not bad. I like this.

Actually, I quite adore Mandy Moore. Her dress looks gorgeous. A blue waterfall type dress.

Oprah is coming up. WHY? It's like, why is she there? It seems she's keeping Celine Dingdong and Mr. bad wig Trump

Apparently Mo'nique who won an Oscar last year refused to present an award this year - do you know why?

Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhall make a gorgeous couple. She looks a bit nervous or maybe she's just peeved she didn't win (I don't blame her)

Love Amy Adams dress!

Nice afro! The guy Luke Mahene, The God of Love - well, his hair is insane. He's just thanking people we don't know, at least he does it quickly. Bubye!

Awesome dress and hair for Anne Hathaway!

He doesn't own a shirt - Taylor Lautner! HOT! That's about the only Twilight thing I like.

James Franco is good at standing there looking kool!

Look! It's Oprah with the humungus boobs!


They are really gigantic aren't they!

Oh, Robert Downey Jr. is coming up - I'm sending you lovely thoughts Roses.

Billy Crystal is here, hello! Well, now that you've seen the venue from inside you can go again. Thank you.

We here at SayHey love Bob Hope!

If only Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law could make out.

Jude Law is the best dressed of the two. Sorry Robert.

We've now made it to the stage where there's a million people coming on stage for the acceptance speeches. It bugs me.

I am at the moment talking about Inception winning for the special effects I think.

The Social Network won another award. I was hoping that the speech wouldn't be as dull as Sorkins. At least this was shorter.

Anne Hathaway changed dresses again. This is a red dress and I like it. Her hair is again, fabulous.

Jennifer Hudson in an orange dress with her boobs strapped in the halter top but still doesn't look good.

Her hair is pretty though, and she's lost a LOT of weight. Not sure I like that.

Another musical number but this is weird. It's A. R. Rahman but it's still weird.

Ugh, now dull Gwynney is singing, or she tries to. I'm not buying it. Ugly microphone (is it a Mr. Microphone?).

Jennifer Hudsons boobs are squashed by the halter top. Not flattering.

Toy Story 3 won for best original song, Randy Newman. His second win and 20 nominations

His speech was somewhat funny.

After the break it's In Memorium.

Celine Dingdong is singing honouring the dead.

Tony Curtis, William Fraker, Leslie Nielsen, Patricial Neal, Robert Culp, Lynn Redgrave, Jill Clayburgh, Dennis Hopper, Blake Edwards, Lena Horne and all the others.

I am sorry to say, but I had forgotten a lot of these had passed. Like Dennis Hopper, wow! When did that happen?

I don't like Celine Dingdong and she scares the bejesus out of me. Thankfully we didn't see her much and I am a big fan of mute.

The analysers are jammering on about there not being a female director nominated this year. Oh, well, get over it.

Another gorgeous gown for Anne Hathaway!

Even Hillary Swank is wearing af fab gown. To bad she looks awkward in it.

The King's Speech won another award. Do we have an Oscar count? I don't remember. I know that Inception won 4 so far.

Awwww. Nice speech for Tom Hooper from The King's Speech. I won't listen to my mother though.

Not sure what I think about Annette Bennings dress. It's a little like an outdated Tron dress. I like her though. Yet, I don't want her to win best actress.

Hello Mr. Eli Wallach. I like him a lot. Much respect and he's less painful to listen to than Kirkie Douglas.

Jeff Bridges seriously needs a shave. He's presenting best actress. Let's see if it won't be Miss Portman for Black Swan.

God I hope Natalie Portman wins.

Yay for Natalie Portman! Her first nomination was for supporting actress in the (dreadful) movie Closer.

You can rest easy Princess because Nic didn't win.

Natalie, you are getting boring, you're oh so boring and I don't recognise the zombie you've turned into.

Oh oh Sandra Bullock! I LOVE her.

She's so funny.

Colin Firth won. This was no surprise what so ever. He should have won last year for A Single Man though.

Colin is fairly amusing compared to Natalie Portman.

Right, Colin darling, I think it's time for you to bid adieu while the audience is still forgiving because your speech is becoming rapidly more dull by the second.

I hope Black Swan wins best movie, but it most likely won't.

The King's Speech won.

Now, the PS22 chorus is singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I much prefer this

So, that's it. It's all over now. Another year and we'll be here again maybe live blogging or maybe not. Nobody has commented yet.

Stay tuned for a red carpet event later today.


Join 'Petra over at 'Petras Palace for a thorough walkthrough of the Oscar Red Carpet, and you may see why Nicole Kidmans' hands are so hideous.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

If you don't love me

It seems appropriate that I write this on the one week anniversary of our Saturday night with Kylie Minogue. You see, there's a story in there as it turns out.

I knew of Miss K and her work and had for years. Then things went terribly wrong in camp Pete and in whirl of tears, anger, hurt, pain and of cours glitter I ran for the hills. When I say hills, I don't mean actual hills because the only proper hill we have is this which is quite pathetic actually. Hills, in this little story is our kingdoms capital Copenhagen. Although Copenhagen quite quickly turned into Helsingør which is not very far from Copenhagen. It had a school where I could stay and maybe learn some compassion for others less fortunate than myself, and maybe learn not to exploite good old Mother Nature. It was the right thing to do, for everyone involved. As I mentioned, things at home were awful (my family thought it even worse) and it was a way for me to get away, gain some perspective, redo my makeup, find a lovely boytoy and perhaps never come back again. It turned out, I did move back and ended up at my childhood prison for a few months before I got my own flat

My time at the school (this was NOT for juvenile delinquents, depressed people or in any way the kind that you were forced to be at because you were chavvy and the like, just fyi. Read about it here if you like), was quite the experience as I ended up doing things I never thought I'd ever do. There was a lot of sitting around and talking, playing games, having fun, plays and whatnot. Most of the things I never thought I'd do were the dancing and trust exercises. Basically I was the one that stuck out because I hated sharing and I didn't trust anyone.

At this time Kylie had been Spinning Around for a while and On A Night Like This had been doing the rounds. So, Kylie was doing it for the Kids with Robbie and I needed that happy music. It was the only thing that kept me happy (it also helped once I got to know those freaky normal people at the school from all corners of the world) and so on March 23 2001 I took the train in to Copenhagen and partied with all the other gays at the tiny venue VEGA. We were 1500 people cramped in there dancing. I was in 4th row from the stage and it was possibly the most unique and intimate concert by a major artist I've ever attended.

Since then, I've attended one of all Kylie's tours. In total it's been 7 including an appearence she did at the Skanderborg Festival aka. Smukfest in 2009.

Those 7 concerts includes Miss K's latest word tour Aphrodite Les Folies the opening night in Herning, Denmark.

Let's just make it clear from the word go. No, I was not on that video. If you squint and shake your head furiously you may catch a rare glimpse of my ex boyfriend who is said to have been there. Well, he told me himself but that's neither here, nor there.

That particular Saturday was a lovely one. I woke up early, and spent a fair bit of the day lounging on the chaise corresponding with the ever so lovely Miss Roses on spacebook. Then in a whirl of glitter and panic I managed to get my outfit on and hurry out the door to meet my ever so lovely bestest friend evah.

We arrived at the venue about 5.30pm and were ushered to our private Splash Zone entrance where we checked in and got our Splash kits and wristbands. As we stood there waiting for the powers that be to open the doors a man (who looked a bit familiar) came over and poked me on the shoulder asking if I were me. I told him I was, and he handed me an envelope and explained that they were thrilled that I had been such a loyal fan and purchased the Splash Zone tickets. The man, who turned out to be Kylie's manager Terry, told me that they would be giving me a refund of the tickets I'd purchased less standard admission and Kylie had signed the "exclusive photo" in our Splash Packs. We were well happy with this, and then time came for us to be escorted to our exclusive Splash Zone.

We made it to second row by the main stage which turned out to be an awesome place to be. Miss K treated us to awesome facial expressions, even more awesome singing and a stunning show. Splash Zone was on fire on opening night in Denmark. It was only appropriate that Kylie and her team had prepared a water show to finish off the show with All The Lovers and sprays of water over our little patch within the stage.

Kylie took us through the gods and goddesses and the mythological world in a way that only a pop show can do. Taking it's liberties, and making sure that it all looked and sounded fabulous. We were treated to a majority of album tracks from her platinum album Aphrodite (buy it here) as well as a lot of the old hits. When I say old, I mean mostly from within the past ten years. There was no Locomotion or I Should Be So Lucky, which I found a bit refreshing as it left room for other tracks.

Quite a few songs stood out, but this went down incredibly well within Splash Zone (which consisted of quite a lot of hardcore Kylie fans and the like) as you can hear here

You can hear me wohooooing on there. Quite a lot. The track is If You Don't Love Me and the fact that it was performed was mindblowing as it was only released as a B-side to a single back around 1996. So, yes lots of wohooooooing going on as well as amazing footwear.

Let this be a wonderful time to say that Dolce & Gabbana did an amazing job creating all of Kylie's outfits for the show. There's not much else to say about it but

and of course, I took the following photo with my iPhone to show you all how Dolce & Gabbana thinks a goddess bathing suit should look.


Credits: Kylie, the wonderful Yorin on YouTube and my lovely iPhone 3G S.

PS. Stay tuned for the Academy Awards (maybe not-so-live-)blogged tomorrow

Saturday, February 19, 2011

T-minus 6 hours 19 minutes

We are very busy getting ready, but received this from our dear friends at Dolce & Gabbana to share with you

You don't have to wait until March, when you see the show yourself, or for me to come back from the show. All you have to do is feast your eyes on this nugget that was shared with me by the lovely people in camp Kylie (obviously it ended up on Youtube as well)

I'm sure you'll be able to feel the glitter and love.

Friday, February 18, 2011

T-minus 24 hours and counting

We here at Sayhey are very excited about joining Kylie tomorrow for the world premiere of her show Aphrodite Les Folies show. In less than 24 hours I'll be queuing at gate 3 to be escorted into the Splash Zone.

I do hope I'll see you there.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

T-minus 2 days

Only two days to go and we can bare do anything but get our glad rags (no, not sanitary napkins thank god!) on, and start marching away towards the venue.

Is it just us, or has the temperature risen in here?

There's no need to rehearse this one, we ALL know it. Breaks my heart to see it, knowing she was coming off stage with blurry vision from the illness. The showgirl must go on though.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

T-minus 3 days

We here at Sayhey are very excited this week. Yesterday we had band rehearsals and planning of setlists. Today it's time for the dance rehearsals

We are quitely confident about the progress.

I do hope rehearsing this one will pay off

We are coming, are you?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

T-minus 4 days

We here at SayHey are all gearing up for Saturday. Everyone's preparing setlists and rehearsing for the big day

Do join us, won't you?

We are coming, are you?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy Super Boel XLV

Not sure what XLV stands for Xclusive Louis Vuitton? but whatever it does mean I am certainly digging it. So, for all you fellow tight ends and wide receivers out there



Happy Super Bowl!

PS. Be sure to visit the lovely 'Petra over at 'Petras Palace.

Friday, February 04, 2011

If I had to do it all again..

Ok. Right, you ungrateful gits. You know, if I had to do it all again I wouldn't change a thing.

But what would you change about your Sim ?

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Kool & the Gang

I finally managed to install The Sims 3 on my trusty new MacBook last night. One of the most entertaining things about the game, is creating the Sims that you later play with. Yes, I love playing the charaters of course, but half the fun is creating Sims and styling them later and all that girlie stuff. Well, it IS a girlie game afterall.

Now with the risk of getting shunned from the Coven and Roses having me assasinated or worse, I have decided to release the photos exclusively to you, my dear readers. Here goes

Can you see who's who? Well, in case you can't, here's the list.









Miss Scarlet








Obviously I've taken some liberties, creative calls and had a bit of fun doing them. Please don't be offended. With Miss Scarlet I was sort of going for a Marilyn vibe but she ended up looking a little like Amanda Lepore. Sorry.