Monday, May 12, 2014

I was gonna cancel

Today I recieved about a million 300+ blog comment reminders because someone decided to SPAM my comment box with all sorts of nonsense. What's a guy to do? For a minute I tried looking for the disable button for the comment reminder thingy but had no luck. Then I found another way around it. You have to login in order to leave a thoughtful comment in my box. So there, take that SPAMMERS! DIE DIE DIE! Consider yourselves outsmarted by the Pete. yep!
After cursing about this excessive email situation I thought long and hard tee-hee about it all and also noticed that I haven't been updating since 2012 on here. Disgraceful perhaps but I kept telling myself that I had so much to do. My life an endless string of cocktail parties, shopping, a spot of work to pay for my ever growing shoe collection and whatnot. Or, being the perfect homemaker Pete Van De Kamp making her own jam from scratch and such. Turns out life hasn't been as fabulous as all that. As it turned out my new and endless love affair was with Twitter. So, there.
I could just delete this old thing and move on or I could get out of bed and see what's on the other side and just go, go, go, go, giiiiiiiirl!
Going on, giving all this old fangled blogging thing another go, what would that entail you may ask, and so do I.
If I were to talk about what's going on at Chez Pete, it would be something like this (yes, I like bullet points, so deal)
  • I finally found affordable pink Champagne that I like
  • I finally found a Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin that doesn't taste like paint stripper
  • My new shoes
  • The products I buy and never quite get around to using
  •  My odes to
  • What I like and don't like watching on Netflix and why
  • My new favourite things
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Favourite colour
  • Why on earth I'd buy Perrier
  • My vacation plans
  • Eurovision
  • The Oscars
  • Clothes
  • Fashion
  • Shoes
  • Why I want to be the kind of person who cooks, makes jam and cleans and love it
  • My venture into learning French through the joys of audio CDs
  • Why I love vinyl records
  • Why I hate the colour orange
  • Why I hate the colour yellow
  • The number 29
  • George
  • Socks
  • and maybe even more..
Are you up for another go?


  1. Yes, I got all those bloody emails to because I was subscribed to the post Still Standing. I was not amused! Best to set blogs to comment moderation after two weeks... took me flipping ages to delete them.
    Though if it's prompted you to write a blog post, then it might have been worth the aggravation :-)

  2. That was really annoying wasn't it just. For a moment I almost started to cry. Let's see if I can keep up the blog. I want to.

  3. It's so lovely to see you back - especially the bitchy comment at MJ's! Looks like you've got plenty to blog about judging by that list. And surely you can blog more eloquently than twit or twat or whatever that infernal thing is?
    Yes, keep up the blog as I'm intrigued about your loathing for the number 29 (but perplexed as to your hatred towards orange).
    Welcome back 'Petra darling!

    P.S. Love that Kylie song!

    1. I aim to please. Yellow is worse than orange and I don't really loathe the number 29 but that's a whole other story.


  4. Anonymous12:22 am

    I always liked to watch when you did Oscar.

    1. I always like doing the Oscars. There's another year until the next one but chances are, I'll be back for that next year.

  5. I suspect you were away having "work" done.

    1. Takes one to know one, dearie.

  6. Well, I'm glad you're hanging around again. Good to see you back. And I totally get how sometimes life gets busy and you kind of fall off blogging...but I'm glad to know you're still here and I look forward to reading more from you...