Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cribs: Blogger edition

I was watching MTV Cribs the weekend before last because there was absolutely nothing good on TV. What struck me was that apparently money doesn't equal taste (I knew that) and that apparently a lot of these so-called celebrities I've never heard of before (maybe I'm just getting old) hired what looked like the same bad interior decorator. The shame!

Still it's great fun to look into other peoples homes. See the things they cherish enough to display and how style changes depending on what country you live in. I like the interior designs magazines because they usually feature a home from some D-list celebrity and getting that one chance to see how they really live is interesting.

On Danish TV they go a step further as they make it a guessing game who lives there. Two people whose profession it is to analyse who buys for instance the iPhone or something else. After having had a look around their home they will guess who lives there getting a few clues on the way along with what they see. It's the kind of show I imagine my parents would watch but I really like it. Even if I have no clue who most of these "celebrities" are. Most of them are sports personalities or in politics.

Another programme we have takes us into us mere mortals homes and two real estate firms are then to look through the house after being given the information they need and guess how much the house sold for. This is also a programme my parents watch, but it's good and I like the stolen glances of their sofas and such. It's very telling.

Then of course there is reality. You are standing at a bus stop, your eyes wander and suddenly you find yourself staring into the living room of someone you don't know. It's still interesting, but not so entertaining when the owner suddenly glares back at you. Sometimes I just want to scream "get some f...... curtains then".

Bad attitude aside I thought I should give you a look at my crib as MTV puts it. It's not hippiety hoppy or blingtastic and I don't have diamond encrusted watches or massive high top (whatever they are - I never did find out) collections to show you though. You'll have to settle for what my humble salary has been able to support. It is cribtastic (I made it up, hush you!) though.

Welcome to Cribs: Sayhey!

Welcome to my humble (Cribtastic!) crib. We start here in my hall. It's no Dynasty hall though but it does the trick. That's a good thing because I don't need to hire all those maids. The tiny painting/print below the Herstal lamp is a Poul Pava. I like his creations because the creatures he paints always look so sad or lonely. Or both.

If we start by going to the right, we'll end up in my fabulous kitchen.

A fabulous kitchen that you might have already seen, at least bits, of. I've tried to keep it in white and blue. The blind is actually a nice blue colour (the reason why I've got it down is that the gulls and doves are using it for target practice)

Now let's check the fridge. They always do on Cribs.

In my fridge I have, from left to right, upper shelf to lower.

  • pickled cucumber salad
  • Santa Maria bbc sauce (there is no better)
  • capers
  • Heinz chili sauce
  • Cheasy vanilla yoghurt
  • frying oil butter combo
  • whipped cream in a can
  • 1,5% milk
  • Heinz tomato ketchup (there is no other brand of ketchup - enough said!)

  • canned pineapple slices
  • Apetina salad cheese (the artist formerly known as Feta until the Greek decided to become Feta nazis)
  • Cupcake face mask from Lush (in the little black pot)
  • Cheasy 9% creme fraiche
  • Cheasy grated cheese
  • cocktail sausages
  • dijonnaise from Maille
  • raspberry jam
  • ecological eggs
  • Port Salut cheese
  • chunky mushroom soup
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • Rose's Lime
  • more milk
  • kiwis
  • a bottle of cava
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Bailey's mint flavour
  • Blue Curacua
  • raspberry Smirnoff
  • white bacardi
  • garlic

Now let's move, shall we?

From the kitchen we go straight ahead, through the door behind the front door.

In there we find the bathroom. Small but functional. It's got a shower area behind the Mickey Mouse shower curtain but there is not much else to it. From the bathroom we take a left and go right into the living room.

Obviously decorated a bit for Christmas, but it's there. If you keep your eyes away from the windows please as one can't really look outside anyway because the window washer hasn't been here since I moved in. Oh well. That's my dining area, and if you wonder why there is an arrangement of wine and such on the round white table, it's the company Christmas present. It was nice even if the wine had screw caps on it.

Turning left you find this view.

The shelves just got more DVDs and books in it now as that's an old photo and a door between there. Going into that room and looking right you find my workspace.

Looking left instead you'll find my guest bed which is a fold out sofa. The like you might have had when you were 13. It's gray and not very pretty. Above it is the following painting.

An original someone. I'm not sure who. My drunken aunt gave it to me because she claimed I was telling her how I loved it when I was 10. I do like it though, but I have no memory of ever saying that though. Going back into the living room on the way out into the hall again you pass my sofa area.

A big 80s comfy black leather sofa and red shag (it's really neat, it's got silk, faux silk and cotton strips in it) carpet. To the left is my TV and my Nintendo Wii, DVD player and VHS player.

If I really wanted I could show you my bedroom but that's private. You've got to keep some things private afterall. Now get the hell out of my crib!

Ciao! Now let's see your Crib!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book Challenge 2009

Hot on the heels of my previous post, I can actually produce the first two books completed for my 2009 book challenge. This year I'm sticking with the 12 book goal, hoping I'll end the year having read more. On a side note that belongs in yesterdays post, I can inform you that I'm currently still reading Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett and that I've not given up. Even if I've been reading it for a very, very long time now. It's a good book.

The first book I read was

J.L. Langleys The Tin Star. I was just sitting a Saturday afternoon browsing on looking for books I could buy and I'd clicked on a whole bunch of books. You know how it is. They see what you last bought and recommend other stuff. So naturally I clicked on the cover thinking the young man in front of the hot texan behind him looked a little too pretty. Not at all something I'd go for. I read the recommendations and it sounded promising. It had a gay theme, it dealt with homophobia in the bible belt. Plus it was a little soap opera like, apparently. That would be a good way to start up the book challenge, I thought. I clicked, shipped and I started reading.

It's gay erotica. I know! I didn't read on the back because I wanted to be surprised and I was very, very surprised. At first I thought, well maybe this is vital to the plot, and it was. Then it reared (so to speak) it's ugly head again, and again. And again! Once I'd finished the book I noticed something on the book. It said "erotic romance" near the publishers logo. Huh!?! Now I'll be forever remembered by as the guy who bought gay erotica, and I'll be clicking the "not interested" button until I'm blue in the face.

I might as well just not do that. Truth be told I kind of liked the book. The characters were sweet and the story wasn't bad. It could have been longer and I wouldn't have complained either. It ends, although organically, a little rushed with an epilogue and that's it. Had it been me, I would have milked it for everything it had. So to speak. Risking ending up as that pervy old gay man everyone sort of looks at funny and rushes past in the hallway I might consider checking out more of them. This book lifted my spirit - and made me call my special gentleman friend who was only too happy to come over and laugh at me.

That said, I find it a little troubling that it seems like there are a million catagories for books, and when it comes to gay theme books there is only one catagory "gay and lesbian". Because there is more to it than that. The other gay themed books I've read were not erotica. Another thing, should it be erotico? Because it is marketed at men afterall and in languages like Spanish words that are "male" end with "o" or "i". Just something to think about.

The cute covers just keep coming don't they? Changing Tides by Michael Thomas Ford was bought at the same time as the previous book. The reason for buying this one was the recommendations from because I'd previously bought something else that was gay themed. The cover and the name of the author did help too. Somehow authors with 3 names that roll off the tongue like Michael Thomas Ford for instance just screams "you've got to read this" to me.

After a slow start, the book started picking up. Still I could never get over all the references to Cannery Row by John Steinbeck and Steinbeck in general. It also seemed to center around marine life and marine biology something I am yet to find even the slightest bit fascinating. That said, it wasn't all bad and I did stay up until 2am on Sunday night to finish it. That's something I guess. It's not a bad book. I did find it enjoyable, and if you like nudibranchs, marine biology, Steinbeck, history and the interactions between 16 year old girls and their estranged fathers interesting - combined with more goodies, this is the book for you. I'm not sure I'll read more by Michael Thomas Ford, at least not without reading what the book is actually about.

Now this was the first 2. Can't wait to share the next books with you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Book Challenge 2008

Last year I challenged myself to read at least 12 books. One per month, and I think I did quite good most of the year but then as the year started to come to a close things looked a little dreary. Especially since the last time I mentioned the book challenge on here was on August 1st when I mentioned a book called Brothers Bishop by Bart Yates.

Looking at the year that came and went quite quickly I managed to read 13 books. Impressive considering how few I'd read had I not challenged myself. You can read my posts on the first 11 books here if you like. I never finished the list though because one thing or the other came in the way. Just like with TFGES (hush you in the back, yes you!)

The final two books of the year were the following

First was Blind Fall by Christopher Rice, ne of my favorite writers, the son of vampire writer Anne Rice. His books have nothing to do with vampires or the ghoulish things. He started out being the token 'gay author' (there are elements of the gay community in all his books and they do deal somewhat with this) branded by his first book A Density of Souls which happens to be one of my favorite books of all time. Granted I haven't read a lot but I know what I like.

Back to his book Blind Fall though, you'd better read what it says on the link up there. The link takes you to the UK Amazon shop where you can read a lot more about it and find his other books. The book did disappoint though, like the previous book of his, Light Before Day. They just don't measure up to his first two. Still Blind Fall is a good read and I found myself not wanting to put it down.

I bought this book Leave Myself Behind by Bart Yates because I'd already read his book The Brothers Bishop which I loved. This book Leave Myself Behind was his first book and I thought I should read it because I'd enjoyed the other one so much. Now it's been quite a while since I read it so I don't remember what it was about, but it was a good book. Although the story was a little convoluted. At least part of it. It was a good read though - so much so, that I haven't given up on the writer and purchased his 3rd book for the 2009 book challenge.

The ones mentioned so far were all winners, but they weren't all. I managed to give up on 3 books.

Umberto Eco - The Name of the Rose didn't stand much of a chance as I was too impatient and the style simply wasn't something I'd want to put up with for 512 pages. I may have made it 20 pages in before putting it down.
The second and third book I didn't finish were actually linked as they were both by the same author.

I started reading Rupert Everett - Red Carpets & Other Banana Skins not once, but twice. Because I like him, his writing is not bad, and his life isn't at all boring. Yet something just didn't click with me and so I've finally resigned and know I won't ever finish it.

The other book Rupert Everett - Hello Darling, Are You Working? is also a more or less fictional version of his autobiography just the names were changed and bits left out. At least as far as I made it. It's also not a bad book, but it just didn't capture me. Have I learned my lesson about buying books written by celebrities yet? No, because I quite like the Geri Halliwell autobiographies, enjoy Joan and Jackie Collins, adore Kylie Minogues books and yes I didn't hate Naomi Campbells book Swan.

Well, that concludes the 2008 book challenge which was an overall success. Let's see what happens here in 2009!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I wanna love you forever

What a difference flowers make, eh?

Monday, January 19, 2009

T for Tramp or something

Eroswings (affectionally dubbed Bingowings by me) did this meme to the letter S and gave us an offer we here at Sayhey couldn't refuse.

Here are the instructions: How this meme works is that you leave a comment on this post, and I'll assign you a letter. Then you write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

I was given the letter T. Bless. So here we go.

T is for Tuc crackers.

These fabulous salty (I prefer the plain salt ones) crackers bring back a pleasant memory from my childhood. We had them twice a year. For the Danish Eurovision show and again for the International Eurovision show. We would always sit down and watch the Eurovision together while having cheese and crackers. These were my crackers of choice. There is nothing really special about them as they are just a plain golden cracker with salt on it and holes in it. But I liked them and I still do. Maybe I'll have some later.

T is for Tea.

I like tea. To be honest I haven't always liked tea. It was the drink I'd order if I was given the choice between coffee and tea because it was the lesser of two evils. Over the years I've come to appreciate it a lot. Sitting on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of tea or being at High Tea is a wonderful thing. Two very separate things though. I've come understand why a lot of people treat tea as something very important. Because surely it is. It's more than just a hot drink.

T is for Travel.

I love to travel but I rarely do it as I get very comfortable where I am and the interest disappears. This is why I've never made it outside Europe. On the map above you can see where I've been. When I was filling out the thing on the website I was shocked that I've never been to Norway but on the other hand, why should I go there? The list of where I've been is, as you can see, quite short. So here it is.

Denmark - I've travelled all over Denmark multiple times with my parents. So much I've grown quite sick of it.

Sweden - I've been there a few times, but most of the time it's been a one day experience because really, what's to see in Sweden?

Germany - I've gone on multiple one day trips there, mostly to buy cheap alcohol and candy. However I did spend a week at a luxury hotel in Wismar and another week by the lake in Plön.

Poland - While in Germany we drove all the way to Poland just to say we had been there. We didn't see anything of interest but I'm sure there are many things of interest in Poland.

The Netherlands + Belgium - Two countries I drove through once with a friend who worked as a truck driver on our way to France to deliver some toys. It was exactly what I needed that summer. Something bad had happened and I was ready and willing to escape for a week. Sadly the trip was cut short because of something shipping related. We did however spend one night in either Belgium or The Netherlands and it was lovely. I've driven through once before on my way to Paris.

France - I spent a lovely week in Paris during Easter once.

Spain - Been to Mallorca twice.

Italy - I've spent a week in both Riva by Lago di Garda and Rimini (all I remember from Rimini was the fantastic beach) both times bus trips and if I ever go to Italy again it will NOT be by bus. You'd think we learned that the first time around, but no.

San Marino - While in Rimini we drove to San Marino. I can't remember anything from there. I do however remember a spaghetti incident.

Austria - I've spent a very long week in Austria. It rained a lot. All week. We did get to see a lot though, including snowy mountains and Gross Glockner.

Hungary - I've been to Budapest. I went with my graduating class in 1998 and we had an OK time. Some better than others but it wasn't really that bad. Loads of designer shops and the prices were pretty low compared to say London. I'm sure all the nouveau riche were having a field day there. I tell you a bunch of 20 year olds on government student funding felt like they could buy the town.

Greece - I've been to both Crete and Rhodes. Lovely places, but I prefer Crete to Rhodes.

England - London. I've never been anywhere else in England but I do have a love affair with London. My favorite place in London is definately Russell Square.

T is for The Queen.

I could mean our Queen Margrethe II or HRH Queen Elizabeth II and while I adore both and the Royal families and all that comes with that it's not exactly what I mean. Well I do, I mean the movie The Queen because it allowed us a sneak peek inside the Royals private life. Obviously most of what goes on in the movie is pure speculations but it's still an interesting movie and the actors did an amazing job. Helen Mirren was spot on and James Cromwell as Prince Philip - I've got chills. He was such a nasty bugger. Please don't tell Prince Philip I said that. I don't want to be excluded from their next big bash.

T is for The Devil Wears Prada

I love that movie. Of course I adore both Anne Hathaway and movies about the fashion industry. Prêt à Porter is another favorite. A bitchy Meryl Streep is also always a treat. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movies of 2006.

T is for The Snow Garden

A book I love so very much by Christopher Rice son of vampire book writer Anne Rice. I've read it 3 times. Last year I read his most recent book Blindfall and I'll be mentioning that in a future post. If you want to know about the book, and Christopher Rice click on his name.

T is for The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

I've got the book but I haven't made it further than the first story of Narnia. A great story that I remember watching a cartoon version of when I was a kid and also remember reading many moons ago. In fact I made it as far as book 4 - The Silver Chair before calling it quits. Not because the stories weren't good but rather because I had other things on my mind than reading.

T is for The Sims 2

It's the one PC game that can still keep me entertained these days. I don't play it a lot these days but it's more or less the only PC game I've played since 2004. It's also the game I've spent the most money on. It's cost me a small fortune in Xtra Packs and Expansion Packs but I've only been too happy to fork out the money for the Sims goodness.

T is for Too Far a track by Kylie Minogue

The track 'Too Far' is in my opinion one of her best because it's different. It is taken from the album originally called Impossible Princess but changed swiftly as Diana went and died around the release. They panicked and named it Kylie Minogue, which was also the same title as her previous album creating much confusion. It was re-released years later with a bonus disc with loads of remixes of this song with it's original title. Even now, 10 years later it stands as a great track that doesn't feel dated at all.

T is for TV series.

I'm a big fan of TV and over the years I've become quite the fan of TV series of all types. Some good, some bad and some very very ugly. The shows I watch now are Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Doctor Who, Ugly Betty, Heroes, Dirty Sexy Money, Bones and Boston Legal (I haven't watched any of the new season). Although I've seen quite a few of my favorite shows slowly die or suddenly taken off the air, I remember most fondly Gilmore Girls. Other shows worth mentioning are Dynasty and Las Vegas.

The best opening to a TV series ever!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Danish Delights

I hesitate calling this one Danish Delights but I suppose they are Danish and a few of them are delights. We've seen a bit of what Danish music is like. Granted, I've picked bits I like and then of course Eurovision. We have a proud history in the Eurovision and that cannot be ignored. Who can forget The Olsen Brothers - yikes!

However there is more to Denmark than what you've seen in these last few posts. We also gave the world these golden nuggets.

Aqua - Dr. Jones

Me and My - Dub i Dub

Whigfield - Saturday Night

Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

Funkstar De Luxe - Blinded By The Light

Consider yourself not having the following tracks that didn't make it over the border to your country.

D-A-D (AKA Disneyland After Dark) - Sleeping My Day Away

Anna David - Fuck Dig

Sys Bjerre - Malene

Ufo Yepha - Op Med Håret (put your hair up)

And last but not least, the winner of the Danish X-Factor show last year.

Unfortunately none of his official videos on youtube were embeddable so here is a performance from the X-Factor show.

Martin - That horrible James Blunt song

I know... But some of it is alright.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Danish Delights

This week I've taken it upon myself to show you a bit of what Denmark has to offer in the way of music. Today you'll be pleased to watch all of five Eurovision entries with mixed results spanning from 1963 to 1990 which is when it stopped being kool (it's become kool again now of course). The whole family used to sit down and watch the Eurovision, National and International every year. I remember we had cheese and crackers and I was allowed up until it ended. It was a very big deal. You can clearly see why.

1963s Winner - Grethe & Jørgen Ingemann - "Dansevise"

1983s entry - Gry - "Kloden Drejer"

1987 entry - Anne-Cathrine Herdorff - "En lille melodi"

Ok story time. I remember that one. I was a huge fan. Honestly now I can't see why, except maybe the shoulderpads. They are huge.

1989 entry - Birthe Kjær - "Vi Maler Byen Rød"

Another one I remember mostly because of the outfit. But the song is a classic now.

1990 entry - Lonnie Devantier - "Hallo Hallo"

I remember the song but I not the performance and I can see why. Oh my!

I'll be back with more Danish things another day.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Danish Delights

The week just keeps getting more and more Danish. Maybe you know Alphabeat. Maybe you don't. They are Danish and I kind of like them. The band is actually from my hometown and are now living in London presumably making it big there. What do I know. All I know is that I love these 3 videos.



10,000 Nights of Thunder

Their music is very catchy and happy. I like that.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Danish Delights

It's been a while since I've heard anything great from the band Infernal and you have probably never heard of them before. They are Danish. They had a massive hit with the following

A great track, but my favorites are the following

Their cover version of Self Control. I even bought the single.

From A to the B is mostly a favorite because of the video. You must watch it.

Since then, they've released yet another album which was a massive hit in Denmark. I'm not sure how well they are selling everywhere else. Still Downtown Boys was their first single of the album.

There was a(n even more) ridiculous second single called Whenever You Need Me and the most recent video is the following. Electric Light with a bit of a sample from Righeiras Vamos a la Playa.

Now you are updated on the goings on in the world of all things Infernal since they released From Paris to Berlin.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

131108 Part 1

She was standing on a rest stop in the middle of nowhere. Dusty road as far as the eye could see except for the rusty bus stop sign close by. Her long blonde hair moving slightly in the wind as she looked down the road. There were no cars. The rest stop was abandoned. She was wearing a pair of strappy silver stilettos. Givenchy, she thought, they must be Givenchy. Her coat was black and ended above her knees. She shivered and closed it wondering why she was only wearing lingerie underneath. Something was very wrong. She'd never owned a mink coat before and she didn't remember putting on her diamond necklace or ring for that matter.

Come to think of it, she didn't remember anything that had happened lately. Of course she remembered her name, Christine Rose. She also remembered she was one of those Roses who owned half of London. Strangely enough she didn't remember why or how she had ended up on an abandoned rest stop in the middle of nowhere. Okay, she thought, I'll have to do something. So she started looking around for something she'd missed.

There seemed to be something over by the bus stop, so she made her way over there and found a silver, last season Dolce & Gabbana bag. She knelt down, picked up the bag and rummaged through it frantically. Inside the bag was an INQ1 phone, a roll of £20 bills, an Esteé Lauder lipstick - she turned it over, colour "Sugar Daddy", a Louis Vuitton datebook and a set of keys on a chain with a large diamond encrusted C. Christine reached for the mobile and looked at it. She pressed speed dial 1 and nothing. Then she checked the contacts and noticed it was empty as was the the call log. The phone was brand new, and to her horror she noticed that there was no signal. Bloody 3, she muttered to herself. Why hadn't she brought her trusty iPhone 3G?

Next she checked her datebook. She wrote everything in her trusty datebook, even with the iPhone she still maintained the old one. It was her diary too and she liked sitting in car on the way home writing. She doodled, wrote about her friends, the wannabe's and her family. Then to her horror she noticed the last week had been ripped out. What had happened, why was she in the middle of nowhere wearing practically no clothes? The shoes were great though. Christine loved shoes.

It was as if someone had deliberately erased the past week. Christine remembered getting a strange invite to some VIP party in east London. She had been very reluctant about going as the invite had been strange and when she found out it was near Liverpool St. she had almost asked the driver to turn around. She liked her penthouse in Soho a lot and although she didn't get along that great with the parental unit their house in Belgravia was quite alright too.

The Roses had lived in their big Belgravia house for a couple of generations but they originated from New York. Someway along the road they'd moved to London and bought the house. Christine wasn't that interested in the family history. She didn't care about how much money they had either, she was aware they had more than most and her brother and her went to the best schools. Her father Warren Rose ran the company, an investment company that buys up companies, turns them profitable and sells them again. Her mother Rebecca was groomed to marry rich from she was baby, so she managed the household. Rebecca had tried the same with Christine but had failed miserably as her daughter would have none of that.

Now Christine stood, 23 years old, at an abandoned rest stop in the middle of nowhere, in what could only be described as an upper class booty call outfit, with no means of getting away than a good samaritan offering her a ride. She frowned and checked the INQ1 again. Still no signal. As she stood there she tried to remember how she'd gotten there.

The party! The INQ1 promo party in East London. That's it, that was the last thing she remembered. There had been funky Chinese women on the walls and a DJ spinning records in the backroom. Not to mention that young man. She'd bumped into him and he'd smiled at her. Alas he was with someone or she would have said something. Of course he'd caught her staring at him as he'd set down a glass on a shelf. Then nothing. What had happened after that? It was weird. It was like something was suppressing her memory. Had he introduced himself, she thought he'd mentioned his name but she couldn't remember.

Christine gave up and sat down on the ground and emptied her bag onto the ground. There was also a roll of Polo mints and a piece of thick glossy paper. It was red, and something Chinese on it. Oh, yes. That must have been part of the posters they had handed out. There was a number on the back, 0500 131 108. Suddenly there was a sound. The sound of a car. She put her things back in her bag and got to her feet.

The car stopped, and the man behind the wheel rolled down the window and asked if she needed a lift. Christine smiled and got into the car.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Because I'm just not that into you

New Years eve was good. I spent it watching movies alone or that isn't quite the truth. I got a call from a certain special gentleman friend around 10pm asking what I was up to. He was at a really dull party and thought he'd want to bring in the new year with me. It didn't take him that long to come over and we watched quite a few movies until we fell asleep on my sofa around 6.30am.

I started out at 6pm watching For Richer and for Poorer starring Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley (that was before she turned into Fat Actress) where they play a rich couple. They have a marital crisis of grand proportion and they go into hiding in an amish community because the IRS are after them for something someone else has done. Massive fun, all around.

Then Nine to Five came on - gotta love Dolly Parton. Massive hilarity occurred with her, Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda. I'd never seen that before and I must say it was great. Then again I did expect as much, but I was surprised about the storyline because I didn't know what it was all about. I just knew the song - love that!

After Dolly Parton, we (by then my special gentleman friend had arrived) put on Ghost starring Dirty Dancing hottie Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. I had missed that on TV earlier that day and really wanted to watch it again and my special gentleman friend has a thing for him. It was fun although more sweet than funny. It's strange how I remember that as a comedy more than romance.

Then it was around midnight and we were laying on my sofa watching the firework over the rooftops through my living room window. It was gorgeous. We had Champagne and cake.

After watching the firework we popped in White Chicks (I blame Bingowings because he mentioned Tori Spelling looked like them a while back) which is hilarious. We both enjoyed that quite a bit. The crude humour and of course the shapely Wayans Brothers made it a real winning movie.

When the movie was over we watched the Hallmark channel for a bit. There was an interesting movie/series about finding four bits of a tablet so that one could get some kind of huge power thing. It was very Indiana Jones except it starred one of the guys from the original 90210 Beverly Hills show. He was in the final seasons of it and so we had a long debate what his name on the show was, and we never figured it out. My special gentleman friend thought his name was Matt and for me it might as well have been Randolph because I stopped paying attention after Brenda left. He looked good though, although maybe a bit too much like a goody goody.

We lost interest in it when they mixed in a bit of the Tomb Raider plot so we debated if it was time for bed or if we should watch another movie. It was about 4am at the time, but we figured we might as well keep going. Picking a movie proved difficult but after a heated discussion we'd settled on two. Cold Mountain (my choice) and 2 Fast 2 Furious (his choice). We played paper, rock, scissors and I won.

I thought Cold Mountain would last 1 hr and 30 minutes or maybe 1 hr and 45 minutes. It was 2 hrs and 25 minutes! To our surprise it didn't feel that long. The movie was great and we both enjoyed it. Once it was finished he didn't feel like going home and I was very tired so we just shut our eyes and fell asleep. He woke up around noon and made breakfast and so we just sat and talked and watched some random TV, finally ending up on Channel 4 where they showed the movie Gossip.

At 2pm it ended and they started a Gossip Girl marathon. I'd never watched Gossip Girl so we watched that - all 8 episodes. That show is so gay it's not even funny! I liked it though. Except for one thing that really bothers me. The "xoxo Gossip Girl" comment in every episode. It really gets under my skin but my special gentleman friend told me to get over it and enjoy it for what it is and I said...

He may not understand why I love High School Musical but he accepts it (and I can't for the life understand why I don't love him!).

My special gentleman friend also loves Battlestar Galactica. Now that, I don't understand. Well, maybe a little bit because I do like Jamie Bamber

the show does seem rather too complicated for me, and there is no help from anyone who watches it. They all just say "keep watching" and that's so frustrating because by episode 6 I usually have some clue what's going. This show is really kind of eh? though. Because I don't know how they ended up in space flying around in that fleet of 45.000 humans or if the blonde woman in the red dress is a figment of the doctors imagination or what. She is a cylon though, I think I've figured out that much. The same goes for Sharon but then I'm not completely sure, and Starbucks really bugs me. So does the doctor - he is so annoying isn't he? I hope he dies but then the whole blonde woman plot would fall flat on its face wouldn't it.

Battlestar Galactica does seem like a well thought out show. The only two characters I do like are Jamie Bamber (because he is totally hot) and the President. I may just not be all that into it. Maybe episode 7 gets better? I may see a pattern here... is that why you are all still watching it?